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  1. Russkie


    I like it. Hope it plays well. Although I would try to design it without the ship and shot in it. I think just having an asteroid belt themed map is a cool idea, without the asteroid game crossover gimmick added in. You can keep it in if you want though. It reminds me a lot of Quake3, which is good cuz they have some really good DM maps. And I agree with what everyone's said about the sky... it looks like someone sneezed on it. I'm sure there's a better starry sky out there.
  2. Russkie

    1024x1024 Competition

    uh I worked on it a couple days in a row then kinda... took a break for awhile. Anyways, I have the file on this computer now and have downloaded DoomBuilder so hopefully I can finish it up soon.
  3. Russkie

    1024x1024 Competition

    got most of the level done, here are some screens haven't done work on it in awhile though... It's called Threadbare, its a kinda ruin theme. The Best Looking Room of the level, in my Opinion The starting area
  4. Russkie

    "HR"-esque Monster Mobs

    I agree. I had always viewed Doom in the same style as Hell Revealed; just HR is like Doom on crack or something. But there has always been the element of battling a monster swarm in Doom, and I feel like levels that avoid this don't really stay true to the game. HR is hard but its possible, I think people shy away from it whenever they get overwhelmedd. But Doom it seems is designed to overwhelm you, but still be beatable as long as you play it right. This is what alway appealed to me about Doom. Anyways I am glad Hell Revealed is still appreciated.
  5. I remember in the earlier Dooming days it was pretty popular to have mobs of monsters in your levels (Hell Revealed, etc.). But now it seems the trend tends to be fewer enemies placed in strategic locations, tight spaces and tight ammo, a lot of focus on detail. The result have been some fantasic looking levels. I was just wondering what everybody's take on this is. I often read of a level having 'hell revealed' style mobs in it, and that this is typically viewed as a 'downside' and that the 'hell revealed' fans will appreciate it. Personally, I like some good mass monster battles. Pearson's OGRE Labs level for example had some immensely epic battles and did not leave you in cramped quarters but encouraged you to pop out the plasma rifle or rocket launcher. Just wondering what everybody else's take on this is.
  6. Russkie

    1024x1024 Competition

    this is still going? I'm making a 1024 map I'll submit it when I finish.
  7. Russkie

    Map Rework Competition #01

    this sounds pretty cool actually. But I'm a bit unsure as well; we place enemies, items, etc throughout the level; try to keep an E1M1 feel to it, and everything, right? But we need to keep this flow and room amount? Or could we branch out of it and add in a red key area or something?
  8. Russkie

    Blue Doom...

    if someone could make me a blue sky or point me to one I can use, that'd be appreciated. some of the textures that are not aligned in the screen shots have been fixed, but since the computer with the levels and editor are not connected to internet, I can't update them. Some of the textures are purposefully aligned a bit differently. thanks for the advice. The first level is quick, so hopefully the the lack of vatiety in textures will not feel redundant as it's played through. The next couple levels will have more variety. the crosses have kinda grown on me... i'll see if I can think of something to replace them.
  9. Russkie

    Blue Doom...

    back from vacation. thanks to those willing to help. I'm trying to decide on those blue zombies I got from medic dude. and dutch devil, thanks for the offer, but if I do use medic's stuff, I want to try to keep the project small scale. I'm glad the screens were taken so well, I just hope it uh lives up now...
  10. I don't think this poses a threat really. The worst that could happen is it could become fodder for Dr. Phil to preach about. I really feel like his popularity is waning though so nothing to worry about.
  11. Russkie

    Ogre Labs updated

    I played the level through in zdoom it worked fine. I didn't see anything boom related unless its something minor and not a major visual effect. It was a great map. Big battles yet it moves through quick.
  12. Russkie

    Blue Doom...

    wow... better reception than expected. Actually I've never gotten to play ALien Vendetta, but I had a feeling there'd be wads or people with a similar concept. I'm gonna be on vacation next week, so work on the levels won't increase a great amount, I dunno when I'll get screens up again, its a long process for me to get screens up cuz the computer I am using to make the levels doesn't have internet access.
  13. Russkie


    as long as you get a fighting chance, traps are fine. This is howI always thought of doom was: a bunch of nasty surprizes, but nothing you can't handle.
  14. Russkie

    Blue Doom...

    glad to hear some good replies, I'll reply to some of the stuff: I like the idea of adding a blue sky, I was thinking of doing it before and now I think I'll do it. I'm not sure which textures I need to align.. if you could tell me which screens I need to fix I'd be glad to. I've been trying to keep textures lined the way I wanted them, but I like improvement as well. I had considered doing a 'Rainbow' Doom style thing, but decided not to. I think its a cool idea, but just not what I have in mind.
  15. Russkie

    Ogre Labs updated

    First level I played by you was Nulspace. It was great, probably my favorite Doom level. Too bad you are leaving when I am starting. Good luck in the future though. this is random but we share the same first name.