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  1. So yeah, as the topic title suggests, I'm looking for an old .wad called cyberdreams, the premise being that they're all puzzle maps that you attempt to dodge rockets and either hit switches or use teleporters to kill the cyberdemons, or just avoid to complete the levels without dying. I think the actual .wad is cydream, but I don't know for sure. Was playable on vanilla doom, as I recall. Used to be hosted here on /idgames. If anyone knows where a copy is being hosted, or has one the could pass along, I would really appreciate that.
  2. harbringer

    Looking for old .wad called Cyberdreams(I think)

    Weird. I searched it on idgames, but nothing showed up. I must have screwed it up somehow(I think I kept putting a space in between cyber and dreams). Anyways, thanks a lot.
  3. Heh, I read MSPA when it first featured on bobandgeorge.com]bob and george, and I still think it's good. My favourite comic, though, has to be errantstory.com]Errant story.
  4. http://www.wkyc.com/news/national/news_article.aspx?storyid=94038&catid=22 Maybe it's time for us Canadians to put up some form of security on these buses, since essentially, anyone can now bring on a weapon on to them. The fact that someone was able to just put a knife in his pocket and brutally murder someone on a bus is fairly alarming.
  5. harbringer

    ePSXe 1.7.0

    Speaking of epsxe, if anyone has a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics lying around, some guys have been making patches for it to improve variety and difficulty. You should check it out if you have FFT.
  6. harbringer

    Raising eyebrows

    I remember seeing it from the first time in the movie Be Cool.
  7. harbringer

    School project, need help

    1. Can I get your full name? (First and Last) Zach B. (You don't get my full last name) 2. Do you have any psychological condition's such as ADHD, depression, anger, etc.? Nope 3. Were you there, or were you aware of the Columbine High School Massacre? Saw it on the news 4. Do you know who Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold is? The shooters. 5. Did you watch News Reports during and/or shortly after the shooting? Yes, but I barely remember them. It was so long ago. 6. Are you aware of a popular first person shooter by the name of 'Doom'? If so do you own a copy? Play it often? How often? Yes. Yes. No. Maybe 1 or 2 times a month. 7. Are you aware of Anti-Video game violence activists such as Jack Thompson and MAVAV? Do you support or resist their stands? Reasons why? Yes. Resist, because Jack needs to find out that it's the result of bad parenting and an unstable life and or childhood is what makes someone do things like this, and not video games. 8. Jack Thompson once labeled 'Doom' as a "Murder Simulator". Do you think this is a valid description of such a game? What makes or makes it not a valid description? No, because doom is such an unrealistic game that it couldn't possibly simulate murder. 9. Have you, or any of your friends or family ever considered you to be a violent person? If so, did they ever consider it a serious issue? No. I have a hard time watching horror moves that more than once if they're too violent or something that even slightly disturbs me, like the last scene of "The Mist" ruined it for me. 10. What do you think may be the most violent thing you have ever done? Consensual sparring. At school. 11. Has playing a video game such as Doom have any affiliation with that? Nope. 12. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both have been known to have played and designed levels for Doom. As a player of Doom, do you think it is possible that playing Doom could potentially increase one's probability of wanting to kill or even harm someone? Why or why not? Maybe, and this is a huge of a stretch as it could possibly get, if the person was extremely disturbed, in which case he probably shouldn't be playing videogames anyways. It's just so unrealistic. 13. Do your friends or family know you play Doom? Do they apporove, or at least enable your playing of that game? Yes. Yes. 14. Have you ever recognized any changes in your behavior from the time before you first found out about Doom, and to now? If so what? How people can continually innovate something to make an old product seem no again just amazes me. 15. Knowing that Doom has or has not changed your behavior since you started playing it, what about Doom persists you to continue playing it? Like I said above, all the new innovations. 16. So under your own jurisdiction as a Doom player, Do you think Doom could or could not provide any additional persuasion to a person to want to harm another person? Are you confident in that answer? Also Like I said, maybe if the person was extremely disturbed to the point where they shouldn't even be watching Barney, otherwise no. I am confident in my answer.
  8. harbringer

    Game Recording Software

    Too Bad the free older versions of Camtasia and SnagIt offer had expired.
  9. harbringer

    Indian Thriller with Funny English Subtitles

    I was wondering why that girl was so ugly, until I found out this was filmed by a bunch of inmates. I guess being the girl is the equivalent of dropping the soap.
  10. harbringer

    The Machine Girl..

    Wow, just wow. It's now only a matter of time before someone makes a "100 reasons why I like japanese movies" topic. Overall though, the movie looks pretty sweet.
  11. harbringer

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Are there more than the player 1 starts?
  12. harbringer

    Metroid Prime 3

    Heh, I still speed run Super metroid. The quickest time for me is 4:56 at 70%.
  13. harbringer

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    I have a new one to add to the list: Undead. Worst fucking movie ever. It isn't even about zombies. It's about aliens, who temporary made people into zombies, then changed them back, then made the float into the air after "curing them all" with rain. Watched this at least 3 times before I finally saw the ending, and now I feel sad. ;_;
  14. harbringer

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    The ring and gigli.
  15. harbringer

    "What do you do with the mad that you feel?"

    Yeah, but no one really gives a neutral opinion on an past war. Either you were right, or you lost.
  16. harbringer

    The question mankind has been asking for centuries

    Dynamo hum by Frank Zappa or Striptease by Hawksley Workman.
  17. harbringer


    In my dreams, they are always symbolic, and you can tell that at the end of them. One of my reoccuring dreams is that I do the who RPG cliche where the main character sacrifices himself, and at the end, I tell a fairly close friend of mine that I love her, and then die. This usually leaves her fairly sad and depressed for a little while in the "epilogue" of my dream, as my dreams contradict the whole Rpg cliche of "Main characters who die will always come back through plot holes". Then at the very end of the dream I am having, I see "God", who by the way basically is Morgan Freeman (or at least thats how I picture god to be in my dreams anyways), saying "There is always a lesson to be learned." Then I wake up to my alarm.
  18. harbringer

    Chris Benoit dead

    He's just jealous that he didn't get any of that "hawt gay action."
  19. harbringer

    Chris Benoit dead

    Yeah, I heard that yesterday. However, just because he didn't seem to have problems, doesn't mean those problems never existed.
  20. harbringer

    Doom Turns Tricks

    God doom, you such a slut. No wonder I got viruses! You've been everywhere.
  21. harbringer

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    Maybe we, as a community, should write a eulogy. I'm sure someone here knew him well enough that they will be at the funeral. Also, my condolences to his family and friends.
  22. harbringer

    Advanced Programming

    Depending on the engine, you can do exactly what you said with different ways. For example, DECORATE which is used in Zdoom and most of it's spinoffs, allows you to create new monsters, projectiles, weaponry, which weapons occupy which slots, and many other things.
  23. harbringer

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    Wow. I never would have expected this to happen. R.I.P Assmaster.
  24. harbringer

    Assmaster confirmed deceased

    What about a freak Lightning storm that knocked out most/all forms of communication of the last week?
  25. harbringer

    Assmaster confirmed deceased

    Well, let's hope it wasn't anything bad.