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  1. monkeyofevil

    need help with doom 64 tc

    hey thanks. it works now. it feels so good to be able to play this game on a keyboard, instead of with the n64 controller. thanks. now it feels like doom.
  2. monkeyofevil

    need help with doom 64 tc

    well this is what brought me to believe it would work with ultimate doom. this is a direct quote from the DOOM 64 TC Guide; "The older version of Doom64TC worked with Ultimate Doom also, and this is probably still true. In this case, it will be the "doom.wad" you will need to copy and paste into Absolution's Bin folder." just as clarification go to this link: http://numerometria.com/d64tc.htm
  3. monkeyofevil

    need help with doom 64 tc

    nope. i dont have doom2 for the pc. but i read from the site i downloaded it from that it should be compatible with ultimate doom. that is why i use ultimate doom. but if it doesnt work, then i guess i wont be using it.
  4. monkeyofevil

    need help with doom 64 tc

    when i try to start the doom 64 tc, i get a message saying: R_InitTextures: Missing patch in texture AASHITTY im using it with ultimate doom. its probaly a simple fix but i know nothing about it. any helpful info.