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  1. falcondelta

    Weird Doom dreams.

    I've been having a lot of zombie dreams as of late. Not really about doom though. Last one I had involved headcrabs from Half-Life, which is weird because I only have the DC beta and I never play it.
  2. falcondelta

    no one on multiplayer..... why

    I know I haven't been on Zdaemon as much due to the lack of new maps. Every time something new or original comes out for a change, people stop playing it within a week.
  3. falcondelta

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    I remember when I viewed Doom in all it's true glory. I knew I saw some people play Doom a long time ago, but I never really played until about a year or two ago when I got hooked on the SNES version (You heard it right, folks). Then I downloaded the shareware, ran ZDoom and witnessed what I thought the most beautiful FPS I have erver laid my eyes on. That's when I really got addicted and pretty much stopped playing everything else. Morrowind just sat on my PC, saddened and forgoten. Now I even have Doom II on my GBA.
  4. falcondelta

    Err... Should I Reinstall XWE?

    Well, I can put DeHacked files in without a problem but they don't seem to effect anything (but that's for the DeHacked forum) and textures still cause an error.
  5. falcondelta

    Err... Should I Reinstall XWE?

    Thanks I'll try it out.
  6. falcondelta

    The lower toolbar

    I really have no problem with it being at the bottom. In fact, I like it that way. And why put shortcuts when the option you need takes but a simple click?
  7. falcondelta

    Err... Should I Reinstall XWE?

    A while ago I had a topic about not being able to add textures through XWE. Well when I tried to add a DeHacked patch to my wad the same exact problem occured. (Oh, just some info: the patch only consisted of me setting monster infighting to true) I can, however, add different sprites and music without a problem. This leads me to ask is XWE known to be such a bitch, or should I just start over? Thanks if you read this. And if it helps this was my procedure for putting the DeHacked file in: Double-clicked the patch option and added it in. I did the same with the textures but I added it in the textures option.
  8. falcondelta

    Top 5 songs

    5. TNT's stat screen 4. TNT Map01 (Can't remember the name...) 3. The Pit 2. Entryway 1. Hangar
  9. falcondelta

    Your best/more efficient DooM kills ever?

    Once I got 3 frags with a single SSG blast. That's about it.
  10. falcondelta

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    Amen, my friend. I also play because making levels is fun and easy.
  11. falcondelta


    Anyone who owns a Dreamcast should try this out. nxDoom is a source port for Windows and the DC. It has support for the controler and can even load pwads on your Dreamcast. Sadly I havent been able to get it to work. Site - http://www.doomdc.tk/
  12. ZDoom for regular game-play and ZDaemon for testing. I'm trying Doomsday but I pretty much hate it due the the blury stat screen, sprites, etc. I pretty much only keep it for the lighting effects.
  13. falcondelta

    Mancubus Sumo Showdown

    Ah! Another GM user. Jubilation! Oh, this reminds me of the D&D days where I was pumping out random and stupid games by the dozens. Good times, good times. This is one of those GM games that deserves a spot on my hard drive. I got to the Arch-Vile before I thought, "Yeah, screw that..." A sequel I say!
  14. falcondelta

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Indeed. I just started playing Doom 3 not to long ago and encountered my first fat zombie today. I enjoyed smashing its skull in with a flashlight. I wish my disk wouldn't break right after arriving in administration...
  15. falcondelta

    Music Zdoom can play...

    I'm not sure why you would think it as wrong to use other games' music. I'm part of the Game Maker community and most people with GM borrow music from other games. The only reason I wouldn't is if the music did not fit the level. And if you ment in a legal sense it would be safe seeing as you aren't selling your wad.