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  1. Been playing and enjoying Guncaster. Used it with Hellbound and it was a fantastic experience. Anyone have any recommendations for level packs/wads I should pair with Guncaster?
  2. LaughingMan008

    Free map requests!

    Oh man, I LOVE Wolfenstein, in case you can't tell. And I love all the WolfenDoom stuff too. Really can't wait for the rest of Blade of Agony to be released. But Paul Cornflake's little mod there was special, and Ive been dying for more of that very particular flavor.
  3. LaughingMan008

    Free map requests!

    Alright! I have a request. Make a sequel to Paul Corfiatis' "WolfenDoomed" https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/p-r/pc_wdoom Download and play it if you haven't. It's a fantastic set of 11 levels that's mostly Wolfenstein textures and SS enemies. I loved it, and have always wanted more like it.
  4. LaughingMan008

    Carmack accused of stealing Oculus Rift tech

    I just.... HAD to post this here. http://www.pcgamer.com/zenimax-statement-reveals-john-carmack-googled-how-to-wipe-a-hard-drive/ Do we just live in a world written by The Onion now or something?
  5. LaughingMan008

    Remember all the backlash about Doom 2016?

    Are you.... Following me? >_>;;;
  6. LaughingMan008

    Remember all the backlash about Doom 2016?

    ....I don't want subtle, gritty, or clever. I want Doom. The new Doom is actually Doom. Unlike Doom 3, which was System Shock 2. Don't get me wrong, I love System Shock 2, but, again, I wanted DOOM.
  7. LaughingMan008

    Wolfenstein type levels....

    I played Incineration. Loved it. Haven't gotten to Doomed Space Wars yet. Soon hopefully. I have a backlog. I appreciate all the suggestions, even if it did get sort of off topic into how awesome Paul Corfiatis is. But hey, I don't mind that. Hope he doesn't.
  8. LaughingMan008

    Wolfenstein type levels....

    Hey, thanks for all the suggestions and the like. Ive dabbled with ECWolf some, and plan to do so some more. Double Impact looks very very familiar, and I'm almost positive I played it not that long ago. Some things, after so many mods and wads, kind of become a blur. LOL Hence why I was looking for a very Nazi focused experience. Change it up. Or maybe I just can't get my mind away from The New Order and Old Blood just yet. I'm really liking the looks of your mod there Voltcom9, I like it so far. I look forward to seeing it finished. You just need to throw some more SS in there. :) Also, Ive played Whispers of Satan. It is hands down one of my fave wads ever. If not fave period. It only ties with 2002: A Doom Odyssey, I think.... I really wish Paul Corfiatis would make more levels. Wolfenstein style, regular style, something totally new, hell, Ill play anything he makes.
  9. LaughingMan008

    Wolfenstein type levels....

    Not long ago, I had the great pleasure of playing this: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/p-r/pc_wdoom WolfenDoomed by Paul Corfiatis It got me wondering if there are other wads like this that I'm missing out on. I know about WolfenDoom itself and some of the other total conversion style mods for Doom that create proper Wolfenstein games, but I was wondering if there's any more map packs or wads like this that I don't know about. Just Doom levels with a heavy SS presence and Wolfenstein theme like WolfenDoomed there has. Thanks for reading, regardless. :)
  10. LaughingMan008


    Hey, that works fantastic, and was just what I wanted! Thanks a lot.
  11. LaughingMan008


    Couldn't decide whether to mark this as question or dumb, so I'm pretty sure that means dumb. Does anybody have, or have a link to the DOS version of SLIGE? The site that its hosted on is long since dead and even the wayback machine can't help. Can find the various Windows builds elsewhere okay.... Anybody? Thanks for reading my dumb question regardless.
  12. LaughingMan008

    Okay.... n00b question....

    Make the experiance longer, for one. (Yes, Im must be insane, wanting to add MORE levels to the 80 plus level campaign you have going on in there) While the colored lighting is excellent, and a big draw, the other draw is the general and slightly different feel to the game that everything else from the changed sounds and music to the slightly different hit values provide. Playing the levels Im trying to import feels different already... It could just be my imagination, but state of mind and atmosphere is a big part of things. Also, once I start learning this stuff, maybe I can throw in some colored lighting and actually start making my own levels. As I said, this is kind of a stepping stone. Ide like to learn how to mod Doom in general, and Ide like to start here.
  13. LaughingMan008

    Okay.... n00b question....

    So I really like the PSX TC Doom mod. Ide like to play some levels in that mod that weren't made for it. Running new levels inside the TC is easy, but the problem is all the missing textures on some of those levels..... How do I fix that? Do I need to edit something in the wad? Extract textures and put them someplace? Is there a tool that will give me an easy way to determine if a texture is missing from an archive? An easy tool that lets me change textures? As I said, Im a n00b at this stuff. But Ide like to learn how to mod Doom all sorts of ways and this seems like a good start. Thanks for your time.
  14. LaughingMan008

    Play as a hellspawn?

    Wow! These all look great! Thanks! :)
  15. LaughingMan008

    Prayers of Armageddon bugfix-help

    Hmm.... Seems you cant send him messages unless you're on his contact list, so I couldnt get in touch with him. I don't think Im the right person to go about making the thing archive ready, since I don't know my ass from my elbow when it comes to WADs, but I could try. Im always willing to at least try. Anyways, still lookin for it if anybody wants to PM me.