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  1. Even some of the oldest DW members will have a tough time beating THIS amount of oldschool:

    I got this old lady from a thrift store, where she was in good -though not perfect- conditions, along with a couple of old reels containing 60s pop music. After some SERIOUS cleaning, re-greasing and replacing the main drive belt and the worn-out mains cable (yikes!) she worked like a charm -all electronics and main motor appear in order.

    Rubber parts are a bit worn out more due to time than due to use. I was also able to find online service manuals (in German, ach!) and videos of some old farts that knew their shit better than me, and was able to get it to work again without damaging anything :-)

    The only problem seems to be that tracks 1-2 of the tape sound too muffled (you can play tracks 1-2, 3-4 or all 4 togeter) , and upon closer inspection it appears that some of the yellow loctite stuff they used back then has got on the heads, or simply the head is so badly oxidized that no amount of scraping will remove the yellow stain -_-

    Tracks 3-4 sound loud and clear, but all reels I have (well, 2 of them for now) are recorder track 1-2 first, so using tracks 3-4 plays them in reverse. Ouch.

    It's a vacuum tube device in case you wonder, hence the "magic eye" indicator on the front. It also gets pleasantly warm during use -50W idle consumption, take that Greenpeace!-

    I was worried whether the tubes were bust, but so far they seem to hold their own well, and they are common types anyway, so probably I will be able to replace them if needed. It's amazingly how solidly these things were built, mechanically and electrically speaking, so much that a youngster (well, relatively) like me, some 47 years later (it's a 1965 model) can service it and use it. It's also very well furnished with inputs (Radio/Phono/Mic in, loudspeaker out, line out, all in German DIN connectors), and the magic eye indicator shows recording level.

    All in all, it was an interesting restoration mini-project :-) My next step is trying to record stuff on it. I'm curious to see how modern stuff (techno, heavy metal and, why not, video game music) would sound :-p

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    2. Maes


      DoomUK said:

      *hiss* *crackle* *muffled music* *hiss* *pop* *crackle*

      Not quite, luckily ;-)

    3. printz


      This strangely reminds me of TNT.WAD, The so-called New Technology.

    4. Ed


      Semi-old school.