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  1. I often get asked by people who seek to upgrade their PC that they need a PC "just for browsing and e-mail". Now, if this was 1996 or even 2000, that would indeed be a trivial requirement. Browsing? Sure, it's all just pure HTML, browsed one page at a time. E-mail? Sure, it's just a dumb e-mail client.

    But today? "Browsing" can mean anything from Flash-laden site, Javascript VMs running in the background of even the most trivial sites, complex MPEG4 video decoding plugins, browsers using DirectX and OpenGL etc. E-mail? That practically means using web-based e-mail "clients" nowadays (who, outside of professionals, still uses a traditional POP/IMAP e-mail client program?). And RAM, oh THE RAM that even a trivial game of Farmville can suck up! You could fit 10 concurrent ZDaemon sessions in there.

    My point is, that browsing has evolved into a deceivingly requirements-heavy endeavour, and a "PC that's good for general-purpose Internet browsing" needs actually to be quite beefy, unless you're an atavist that still uses lynx and w3m, and PINE for e-mail. Thoughts?

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    2. Inkie


      No matter what, wikia will still run like crap

    3. Maes


      The computational complexity of rendering a website would make Edsger Dijkstra turn in his grave.

    4. SYS


      Ah shit, is it Dijkstra algorithm time already? I only know of it from learning about OSPF.
      I think every netbook purchase is met with sadness and regret. Beefier tablets or even the dreaded microshaft surface fits the bill.
      I think lower end business class desktop/laptop is sadly what's needed. Then you have apple devices where every OS upgrade will either inexplicably eat more resources making it run like shit, or it's incompatible with your hardware.

      You are also referencing a portion of the computing population that doesn't have adblock and typically has a million malware processes gobbling up their incredibly finite resources.

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