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  1. The dream of every -well- SOME Doomers is to set up a decent oldskool system, right? Well, mine practically came true :-)

    Today I received an old Pentium 133 with Windows 98 that had been catching dust in some office for the last 2 years (but was actively used until recently).

    Anyway, the specs are something like:

    Pentium-S 133 MHz
    S3 Virge PCI graphics
    Mixed 4 ISA + 4 PCI slots!
    Seagate 1.7 GB HD + a smaller 330 MB HD (took out)
    Battered (2x? 4x?) SOny CDROM, scrapped and plugged a TEAC 40x.
    16 MB 72-pin DIMM RAM + 1 SDRAM socket!
    A PCI Microtek Base-T 10 Mbps network adapter -> junked
    An ISA ESS Audioforce -> junked

    I plugged in a a 64 MB SDRAM DIMM scraped from a dead Pentium 2, and voila', a booming 80 MB of RAM! I could try Windows XP on it, but the CPU and lack of CD Boot make that hard...so I went first with DOS 6.2 then Windows 98, with DOS acting as a "carrying string". Suprisingly, some crappy backup floppies I had (DD floppies "upgraded" to HD and then diskcopied from the original) worked perfectly 10 years after they were made!

    I then plugged in an ISA SB16 PnP...and it just worked!

    Vanilla Doom plays like a charm, the FM sound was a blast to the past (however, when using the MIDI layer with Doom 95 it sounded shite)

    And the obvious question...does it play ZDoom? Surprisingly, YES (in software mode, ofc, at least 640 * 480 played smoothly), but the OPL3 MIDI sounds crap because it uses MIDI mapper instead of direct hardware access, and no way I'm going to emulate an OPL3 on a Pentium 133 when there's the real thing in the box ;-)

    Just wanted to share this thing with you, fellow Doomers :-)

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    2. Optimus


      Hey, yesterday I turned on an old 486DX4 100Mhz and just tried exactly that, to play Doom! Hell,. the graphics seemed so fuzzy (texture aliasing noise), the frame rate slower than in Zdoom, I listened to the classic old MIDI sound, blasted some levels, fun to see how it looks in the real thing after so many years..

      And then I tried some Duke Nukem 3D too (looks better,not much texture aliasing and is the same fast here (and the engine is better too)) and Quake 1 (surprisingly ok speed when in small rooms, facing plain walls, slow because of lame FPU on the 486 when at bigger areas, but I was expecting it to be much slower on the 486). And then I played Lotus 3 and then watched some oldschool PC demos :)

    3. Gokuma


      Pentium 120mhz, 32mb ram, 1mb video ram (*shrug*), 3gb + 1gb HD's, 4x cdrom that's more reliable than many 48x max cdroms, Win 95B, external 56K Zoom Flex modem, Gravis GRiP multiport, lan card, Sound Blaster AWE 32, biotches.

    4. leileilol


      ha ha i doomed 1.0 on a 386sx 16mhz originally, sound blaster 1, good times