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  1. Some of you may wonder where good old Maes went all that time...well folks, the truth is that now I'm a conscript in the glorious Greek army, serving my tour.

    OK, I'm not exactly a marine, nor do I have actual war stories, however I wanted to share what I have with you :-p

    So, I was going to eat in the time between two sentry duties, when I had the brilliant idea to cut through a patch of trees instead of going from the main road. The tree patch was dark, and I was able to approach two other sentries really stealthily and sneaked right behind them. Since they guarded the gate to the camp's restaurant, I had to show myself and yell "Passing by", however I decided to scare them a bit and screamed "BOOM!".

    They just turned and froze for like 30 seconds, speechless. They were f*cking scared, since they probably thought I was a controlling officer who just caught them off-guard.

    Since I'm serving as a Reserve Officer cadet, the two guards were a Senior (Beta) and a Junior (Alpha) cadet, and the Senior mutters "Oh no, who the fuck can he be now?" and then, angrily, yells to his Junior: "What the fuck are you waiting for? Ask 'Who goes there?'!!!"

    He did so, I said I was passing by, and when the Beta cadet recognized me he yelled "WTF, it's YOU again? I knew it! You're undisciplined and you are always laughing at your superiors!" (N.B., laughing is forbidden for junior cadets and we're supposed to treat Seniors as our superiors...I didn't actually laugh but he had nothing better to accuse me of right there and then).

    Since he couldn't really accuse me of anything and he didn't want his carelessness to be reported, he let me pass and forgot about the incident :-p

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    2. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      What kind of rifles do you guys use? (If you are in a unit issued rifles.)

    3. Maes


      Some shoddy G3A3s and G3A4s for corporal/sergeant cadets. Not the best assault rifle in the world, guaranteed.

    4. Maes


      Update: now the Seniors have graduated and the remaning Junior cadets are supposed to take over all tasks and self-command the camp and all actiivities. For now we look like anything but Reserve Officer cadets :-p even getting to march with a consistent step proves hard...