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  1. Since I am now officially discharged from the glorious Greek Army (even enjoyed my 2nd Lt. commission for a full month), it's Easter vacations over here and I am literally between careers, I spend my days sleeping and doing nothing finishing up old jobs.

    One of them was repairing my old mountain bike I got in 1992, which was just catching rust and dust since 1997 or so. Damn, I can't even recall what was the last occasion I rode it...anyway, I actually had two bikes to repair (one was my sister's MB, just a bit newer than mine).

    For my sister's MB there wasn't much to do, actually: although the tires were a bit cracked I kept them anyway and replaced/patched the air tubes. I also opened up the wheel axles, cleaned up the ball bearings, re-greased and sealed them again, just in case. Brakes and speed changing mechanisms were all in good conditions, so I didn't touch these. The chain however was dry and rusty after all these years, but after oiling and greasing it up it seemed to run fine, so I let that one be. Voila', one working MB! Took it for a test ride...all fine, for now.

    My old MB required a bit more work however: its chain had snapped from the last time I tried to start a repair (in 2004, d'oh!), and one air tube was FUBAR. Tires were also cracked from sitting deflated all these years, but less so than my sis'. I went through the same axle/bearing routine, got a new chain with a "sigma connector" (no tools required), since I have no chain tool, patched an old air tube, got a new one too...oiled new chain...aligned wheels...and off it went, hitting the road once more. Yikes...that's 17 years after I bought it :-/

    Costs? 25 Euros in new parts (1 chain, 2 new air tubes, one spare chain, lubricants) and ca. 9 hours of workmanship. Heh, the army fatigues proved useful too for the dirtiest parts of the job ;-)

    My mountain bike

    My sister's

    So now I can proudly ride around what now looks like a vintage 26" MB, that wasn't exactly top notch even in 1992 :-p

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    2. Maes


      Coopersville said:

      Also, my legs would be fine marble by now.

      Hmmm, dunno. Usually some shaving is involved to really make them look like fine marble.

    3. Coopersville


      What ever it would take to look like the back of that Cybie.

    4. Maes


      Well...I'd say exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, follow a moderate caloric intake diet, get a tan and a brazilian wax for the finishing touch. The anal bleaching is purely optional.

      Even Al Bundy has had his sexy body moments ;-)