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  1. I decided to give Linux a fair chance, since I got a new system (Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop). I opted for the latest Ubuntu 9.0.4, 64 bit edition.

    Other than creating a bit of a mess with the partitions (Dell laptops have some weird extra partitions), LILO/GRUB installed just fine on the MBR and allowed me to boot normally to XP, but fucked up the MediaDirect partition (essentially an embedded XP provided by Dell). Not much of a loss here, I read that the correct approach was to manually override the default installation of grub/lilo on the MBR and place it somewhere else...

    Other than than, it surprisingly worked quite well, even with my WPA-secured wireless connection (I've had a bad experience on my desktop system, with a non-functional "blob" driver for a PCI-e Wi-Fi adapter).

    It fucks up somewhat on shutdown, though.

    In any case, I guess it doesn't hurt to have an extra functional OS along to complement the other. We'll see how it fares on the long term.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      According to the manpage, yes, though it doesn't work for me. The Ubuntu package for FluidR3 GM even comes with a Timidity cfg file with a bunch of instrument lines I don't understand. The Timidity daemon starts ok with it (so it parses the file) but still no sound.

    3. myk


      I tested an OPL3 SF2 recently (probably the one linked above) and it worked.

      You need uncomment sndfont.cfg instead of the PAT configs in timidity.cfg, and then include the uncommented path to the SF2 in that CFG.

    4. exp(x)


      fraggle said:

      I might be being completely ignorant here, but can't you just put this in your timidity.cfg:


      That works fine in timidity but not sdl_mixer.