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  1. So, I want out today and bought this interesting piece of technology from LIDL:


    It's basically a stand-alone, self-proclaimed 16-bit 3D console with a 2.4" TFT screen (vertical) a joypad, and two buttons plus volume/on/off.

    It has the following games:

    Dingle Hunt - a Twinbee/Raiden shoot'em up game. Parallax scrolling and nice graphics. (By some Jungle Soft company - 2007)

    Egypt Legend - Tetris Clone

    Space Craft - Galaga/Galaxian clone (By some Jungle Soft company - 2007)

    Zodiac Dreamer - Arkanoid Clone

    Gem World - Jewel Tetris clonoe

    Stack Master - Essentially the same as Egypt Legend

    Double Punch - Mr. Doh clone

    Code Eagle - Elevator Action clone

    Pop Ball - Pinball game with a country/outdoors theme. Heh.

    Go go go - Rally X clone

    Go Soccer - Footy -didn't even bother with it.

    Save A Queen - Sort of a frogger clone where you have to "lodge" between scrolling shit instead of jumping on it. The character looked like bomberman, which made me hope for something better :-(

    The games remember me more of Java games on a bigger screen -the quality is better than portable famiclones, more like the Gameking Dream Console (which I also want to get).

    The screen format and overall shape of the device are probably a hint that this is nothing more than a standalone cell phone's Java engine (probably ARM based, rather than 16-bit based), but I haven't gutted the thing open yet. Think about the moddability, if it reveals a hidden USB/SD reader that can be flashed ;-)

    1. deathbringer


      Bah, when i read "standalone" for a second i imagined it was like a proper arcade cabinet. With LIDL branding!

      In an unrelated train of thought: Can we finally have virtual reality games for the home now that bright, colour screens and motion-sensing equipment don't require a massive bulky helmet, but the equivalent of two small mobile phones and a Wiimote strapped to your head?

    2. Maes


      Meh, seems you'd be quite happy with a Wii :-p

      Without a helmet, it's not proper "Virtual Reality": you are still in the middle of your living room in front of your Joe Sixpack TV :-p

      The term VR has been abused, slapped over pretty much anything in the past and used improperly to the bone, then to death, and then some, to the point that it's mostly remembered as a late 80s/mid 90s fad than anything.

      What the Wii does is just enhanced sensory input (developing on NES-era accesories, though they did a much better job this time). There also were those curiosity games like e.g. a hybrid system using two Amiga 3000 (!) and costly hardware to overlay the player into a scenery where he had to catch bugs with his hands (he saw that on TV..I think it was called "Catch a bug" ) but that def. wasn't "VR".

    3. deathbringer


      Yes, that's why i was suggesting having two mobile phones stuck to your eyes. The old VR helmets were bulky and horrible (i suppose they had two small CRT's) but now technology has been minaturised a VR helmet would only consist of two mobile phones and a Wiimote, which would weigh almost nothing.

      As for VR being bandied about a lot, though - didn't some old blurb for Doom describe as "a virtual reality hell" or something?