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  1. Preface:I'm posting this on behalf of Patrick, who apparently got much more than he bargained for because of I should probably delete this. I'm only posting this as a favor to Patrick to allow him to have his say in the shitstorm that hit him out of the blue, hoping that the community and the mods will understand. To the mods: please move/handle this thread as deemed appropriate, thank you.

    Update:The original post fulfilled its purpose, so now we changed things a bit.

    Thanks for the help from the admins here, my account is no longer compromised, but I did lose some of my work in the break in and I'd like the community's help in recovering it.

    Over the last few years on this board, I have gotten in contact with plently of people here to take a look at my Doom mods, look at school papers I've written, ask for advice and show off my artwork. If anyone here has a copy of any material I may have sent anyone, I would be extraordinarily grateful if you could upload it and email it to me at ppinhead AT gmail DOT com.

    So, again, I profusely apologize about my friend's behavior. I should know better than to have left my property ungaurded, but it doesn't change the fact that this attack has caused me trouble to no end. In particular, here are some things I'd like to see if everyone has:

    My high school thesis paper - I sent out a few copies here for people to proofread back in 2007, if anyone has this, this is the single most important thing I've done in my entire life.

    My Graphics design portfolio - had roughly 30 pieces of artwork I had been working on for the last year. Some of the art includes diagrams of cars, web page layouts and some posters for a hockey team. This was my application for a College I want to go to. This is the second most important thing I have ever done. I know I sent assorted parts of this to folks on this board.

    My HDR Doom mod - this was supposed to be a secret, but I have a 3 map set of maps utilizing some mock HDR effects and GZDoom features to create a reasonably modern looking mod. I don't know if I sent it to anyone on this board, I know I did on #zdoom.

    My asteroids clone - I wrote an asteroids clone in VB6 when I was in junior high. It was an exe, no larger than 700kb. This has a huge amount of sentimental value to me, and I know I've given out many, many copies of this to people here.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance for anything at all you may find. I know this is an akward request, but we're talking about my life's work here. Also, thanks to Maes for letting me know that all of this happened, otherwise I might have lost more things.

    Thanks to everyone,
    -Patrick "Janitor" Pineda

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    2. Bucket


      Looks like someone has to clean up after Janitor!

    3. zap610


      You need to stop hanging around mentally-ill people; no offense.

    4. printz


      Yipe. Is he the same dude you described earlier in a blog here -- which has been edited out as well?

      Anyway if someone has paranoia or schizophrenia, it means they're not merely eccentric.

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