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  1. Tonight I tasted the worst thing in years :-/

    I have a supply of canned asian soups from LIDL (I usually stick to some particular chinese-style soups, but this time I got some "Thai Style" ones as well).

    So I decided to give "Gang Ped Thai Style Curry soup" a try , 1 chilli pepper out of 4.

    When I opened the can, a mildly unpleasant odour assaulted my senses: "It will wear off" I thought.

    I poured the nasty, thick stuff into a bowl....more olfactory assault. "Well damn..." I began having a suspicion.

    I heated the stuff after diluting it with some water (it was way too thick) but the odor was still there. It was an unpleasant, saturating odor, that at first seemed sweet, then sour, then just...unpleasant.

    I tried eating some of the liquid with a spoon....ewwww. An acid, sour, and just stinky taste that can only be compared to emulsified stink bug raped my taste buds and made them bleed.

    I tried eating some of the flotsam that were in that soup...onions and those baby corn cobs I like....they too, infected by that foul taste that seems tolerable at first but soon makes you just feel...bad. Every sip, every bite of that stuff felt like swallowing a stink bug spraying its foul aerosol. It made me feel bad.

    Not exactly the "I wanna puke" kind of bad, but more like the "Let's pick something that fell into a shitty toilet" kind of bad. You know it won't hurt you, you know you can wash afterwards...but damn, you REALLY have to have a VERY good reason for doing it. There was no gag reflex or anything, but every bite felt unpleasant and degrading.

    I then looked at the ingredients: among the others, there was Coriander, and then I recalled my father's experience in China, who also described many dishes tasting like "stink bugs" because of excessive coriander.

    So I just tossed the whole shit in the garbage (and I'm one that hates throwing away good food) and opened myself a much more manly and tastier can of smoked herring.

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    2. Danarchy


      Maes said:

      A misconception readily disproved by virtue of having Italian prosciutto and parmigiano in my refrigeration, and positively identifying them as "good".

      In comparison, that "Thai" shit smelled and tasted like stale linoleum.

      Saying you like good Italian doesn't justify your hating of Thai or whatever. Good Thai is amazing. Canned Thai sounds rather suspicious. Just go to a restaurant if there are any around you.

    3. Maes


      Danarchy said:

      Saying you like good Italian doesn't justify your hating of Thai or whatever.

      I was rather defending my sense of smell and taste, shaped through years of fine Italian cuisine and various worldwide delicacies against unjoust accusations. :-p

      I can recognize what's good, and I can definitively recognize what tastes bad.

      I've tasted stuff ranging from wild boar's meat, deer meat, to grappa with a suspension of golden trimmings, and I generally seek to taste new stuff (without that meaning I'll like it all, or that I consider all tastes to be the equal. In fact, there are some tastes that I find overpowering/inedible, and that particular canned Thai was one of them. The fact that two supposedly different soups had the same exact overpowering odor covering everything else didn't help their case).

      Saying that I know jack about taste would be like saying that id knows jack about making FPS, or that Exxon-Mobil know jack about oil.

    4. Maes


      Well, turns out that all of the Thai cans were slightly past their expiration date (they wrote 31/12/2009). I still have 3 of them left and I'm considering throwing them in the compost corner in my patio, as cat deterrents. I'd rather eat dog food than that crap anyday.

      Yeah, I know there's a whole thread about expired foodstuff and that the stuff is probably laden with enough preservatives to outlast humankind, yet I can't help but wonder.

      Also the fact that there are many Thai onions in a liquid suspension....who knows.