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  1. Yesterday I watched Jan Svankmajer's Conspirators of pleasure, which I had seen once when I was 16 and remembered as pretty trippy.

    I then watched Alice from the same author...and man, that was the closest thing to dreaming. Very trippy stuff. I guess you can't go wrong with a white rabbit eating sawdust to re-stuff itself now, can you? The ambiances also were a mix between a theatrical stage, a kindergarten's playroom and a dollhouse most of the time, which reminded me of how a toddler views the world around it. Svanmajer's trademark stop-motion animations also make it more weird and dreamy than creepy...I believe David Firth must have taken inspiration from Svankmajer's work.

    I have also watched Faust by the same author, which contains more easily recognizable characters and situations, but still pretty trippy stuff.

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      Butts said:

      I smoke weed every day and I'm still surviving and functioning normally!

      Haha this TRULY deserves becoming a custom title!

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      A Scanner Darkly .... what a strange, strange movie ....