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  1. I mean, just look at that.

    Despite the sheer horror of DRM's photo:

    All Jodwin could come up with is a deadpan, cliche' "aha".
    Not good enough, Joddo-kun. Not nearly good enough this time.

    Maes: DRM's pic. The horror...the horror...

    Joddo: aha
    if that's how weak you are...

    Here Joddo-kun tried to insinuate a link between the image's awfulness, and my supposed weakness.
    An argute begging the question trick by a cunning linguist, ready to take an opportunistic "strike" at the proverbial "noob". Not so today, dear Joddo. Not so ever, for that matter, but let's focus on today, shall we:

    Maes: If you define strength as being able to jack off to pics of hairy DW goons, then yeah, I'm weak.
    Very, very weak.
    While you're a "malakas", meaning "strong man" in philippino.

    Yeah, but it also means wanker in Greek

    The double-pun awesomeness is overwheling: on the one hand it appears that I acknowledge Jodwin's "superior" strength,
    only to focus that strength in one domain exactly. And not a pleasant one, at that. Oh, the witty comeback! Oh, the mirth!

    The lack of a swift and immediate response by Jodwin means that, for today, he surrenders to Maes domination, cuz Maes rule 'n r pimpily, and iz playah, zohg.

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    2. Maes


      We already did:

      The secret sex-appeal of MSN messenger.

      Think you know 'bout Linux? MY COCK UP YOUR ASS YOU KNOW!!!!

      Why you should always bring us to your IM conversations.

      This PASKAL is standard issue.

      only that there hadn't been a good one for some time now. Plus, Jodwin lost a lot in eloquency -he is now all "aha" this and "aha" that, no good. This latest addition does away with the "aha" trend once and for all, like an enlightened paladin's heavy holy mace crushing a vile creature's head, while bathing the Paladin in a blinding, scorching Holy Light, which strikes fear in the heart of all evil!

    3. Super Jamie
    4. Maes


      Super Jamie said: