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  1. Ever since I moved into this new condo, I've had a problem with those damn drain flies. I've seen them/had them in other houses before, but not to this degree. Depending on the day, I can spot anything from 2-3 to over 20 of those motherfuckers in a single day.

    I also expected them to actually diminish in number now that the weather had got colder, but instead I found more than normal...which seemed weird until I noticed that some were actually entering my house from the outside, under my window rolls, and passing several layers of sponge insulation.

    I should mention that my condo is on the ground level and I have a small patch of soil on a terrace which breeds a lot of centipedes, which are luckily blocked by the sponges. Also a draining canal passes in front of my terrace...not sure how much I can do aboutt that. Again, considering I often don't open my windows during the day, I find the numbers ridiculous.

    I read some stuff about how they breed and how to prevent them from doing so, but I am not sure if just pouring hot water down my drain will suffice: I've inspected them as far as I could see with a mirror and flashlight, but they appear reasonably clean (mostly new PVC tubing), at least the easily accessible part.

    I've tried bleach, caustic soda and organic acids with boiling water but the effects appear to be short lived. What made me raise an eyebrow is my bathroom's floor drain: it always has some water in it, even if it flushes away fine (probably by siphoning).

    So, any ideas/thoughts/experiences? Is there any product that will e.g. foam and expand inside drains so I can at least rule those out as a source of infestation?

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    2. Maes


      Heh I closed the doors that isolate the laundry room with the attic and bathroom from the rest of the house, and the flies kept reappearing only in that zone, although at a reduced pace, which means they can only be coming from some unreachable ceiling-height crevices, and the very few cracks left in the attic's door frame (which I now sealed with hot glue).

      At least I can keep them confined with no chances of spreading to the rest of the house, hoping that eventually the spiders will make short work of them in a smaller space.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Get some geckoes, they eat everything and are awesome pets.

    4. Maes


      I also considered getting frogs, but there was someone else who liked bugs and frogs a bit too much, and we all know how well that ended up...