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  1. They had another of those "recycling days" here at uni, and I grabbed three Pentium II and III b0xen, some of them even had their memory and hard disks still inside (including one with 256 MB PC-133 modules), and a couple of working DVD-Rs. There was a lot of other junk like external centronics hard disks and workstation CRT monitors, but I found a neat 17" Sony Trinitron which kicks ass, so fuck those wimpy TFTs.

    Among the findings, was a weird mobo with both Slot 1/Socket 370 (ECS P6BAT-A+), an original Nvidia 4200Ti made by nVidia themselves and in pristine condition, a 3DPower Vanta 8MB (it ROCKS glboom-plus!), an ATI RAGE 128 and various other paraphernalia.

    Still, I feel sad for all the stuff I couldn't "save" :_(

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    2. Bucket


      By "C64s" do you mean you owned a late model C64S, or you own multiple ones?

    3. Creaphis


      You remind me of my Dad, actually, who considers it his personal mission to rescue high-quality vintage keyboard instruments (eg. pianos, pump organs, pipe organs) from being forgotten and suffering the rigours of decay. One naturally only has so much room for these things, however, so he mainly tries to match them up with good homes.

    4. Planky


      Bucket said:

      By "C64s" do you mean you owned a late model C64S, or you own multiple ones?

      Multiple - I had 5 prior to selling them.