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  1. Because my neighbor with whom I share my internet connection went on a vacation and decided to disconnect our shared wireless router without teliing me so, I was left without internet at home for nearly 15 days. Not much of a problem, since I was on vacation too, most of the time.

    However, I felt the need for a cheap on-demand backup. I had used an ADSM (3G) connection in the past, but that required paying a fixed monthly contract. I needed something cheap enough to be discarded, not bound to contracts, and with decent BW.

    After seeing a ton of bullshit in the market, I stumbled upon this gem:

    Wind Mobile Greece has a plan for "Free 2 Go" cardphones that allowed "unlimited" calls and SMS to other F2G cardphones, AND 100 MB of monthly internet traffic, all that for free, each month. This is tons better than what other mobile providers offer, and can be extended to an "unlimited data" plan with a 7-day temporary booster, if needed. No contracts, no anything.

    As of now, I'm typing this from my laptop, using my Sony-Ericsson K750i mobile as a GPRS modem. Works OK, speeds are in the 5-6 KB/sec zone (as with a dial up), and overall seems a pretty good deal if you REALLY need a backup solution to be at least able to read emails without paying ridicolous amounts of money per KB. If used in a 3G phone, it should give 3G speeds too, but GPRS is fine for forums and wikis, as well as e-mail.

    I will also try and see if Ubuntu can also dial this fucker up.

    1. exp(x)


      I tethered several Verizon Motorola phones in Ubuntu a couple years ago, so it is doable.

    2. Maes


      Yup. It works just fine in Ubuntu too, and will less hassle (no driver hunting, I just popped it in and it recognized it as a modem and as a memory device).

      People usually complain about paying tons of money for phones they don't fully use, but I definitively have pushed this K750i to its limits in those 4 years I have it, and it's still a lot better than all these "convenient offer" shitty phones my phone company proposes me every now and then.