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  1. I got one of those cheapo MP3 players with an FM modulator from a chinese street peddler.

    Real cheap stuff, but feature laden: plugs into the car's cigar plug, can read SD cards or USB keys, and sends audio through any FM frequency.

    Surprisingly, it sounds pretty good despite the modulation, and even comes with a remote control. All this for 11 Euro, and with a cheapo 8 GB flash drive, it can fill at least 4 iPod's asses and one iPhone's with concrete but I'm digressing...

    In any case, I wanted to try how it would code with a home environment, since the specs say it has a max range of 10 m (unlikely, unless you find a very clean free frequency) so I powered it up with a portable power source, and turned on all radios in the house... dude, that was trippy. It was like having your very own MP3 radio station. Sure beats those "Wi Fi audio broadcasting systems" cost wise.