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  1. As the oldschool and ghetto chap that I am, I have/have had several items that served me well for a long time -and some still do-. This is also part of the reason why I expect anything I buy to be good enough to last me a long time -alas, not the "hip" thing to do in these sad times!-

    I only include items that I bought/received as a present/found which have been with me for a considerable amount of time.

    My Bianchi EROS mountain bike

    History: it was my first MB (though not my first bike), having got it in 1992 or so. I used it for 5-6 years straight, then abandoned, then restored. I've had older bikes than that (especially in Italy) as well as newer ones, but they either broke down or had to be left behind.

    Status: Still newly restored, I am currently using it as a viable car alternative (vs. gas & parking issues).

    My first 486 DX/40 PC.

    History: it was my first true PC (discounting the Casio PB100/110s). I basically lived my whole puberty through it, since 1994. It got upgraded from 4 MB to 8 MB, overclocked to 50 MHz, received two Sound Blasters and 2 CD-ROM units and a second HD, and kept using it up to late 2003 for Dooming, playing OMF, emulator, and even printing documents through Windows 3.1 and a Dot Matrix printer (!) and even for learning Pascal, until I finally moved in my new Compaq Laptop and my current Athlon 3200+ desktop. Even then, I migrated its HD contents. Whatever I say about it will be too little.

    Status: It's currently packaged in my basement, still operational from what I gather. I donated its original 14" SVGA monitor (I have better 15" ones) but I still have its original keyboard and mouse, and all of its manuals. I'd still tinker with it if I hadn't better (Pentium class) machines with which to relive my 90s fantasies :-p Fun fact: I never installed Windows 95 on it. It went with DOS and Win 3.1 to the "end".

    Casio PB-100 and PB-110 pocket "PCs".

    History: those little gems were both bought by my father in 1983, and are responsible for me learning how to program in Basic when he gave them to me, in 1986. They were pretty limited, more like a programmable scientific calculator, but still pretty cool. Used continuously until 1999, until the PB-110 malfunctioned, and the PB-100 died after spraying too much contact cleaner on its keyboard :-(

    Status: the PB-110 is dismantled and disassembled since looong ago, but the PB-100 is still whole, but locks up when turned on. I keep it in hopes that one day I will be able to make it come back...

    Sharp EL-5120 scientific calculator

    History:Bought in late 1999 to replace the jammed PB-100, which it did greatly. I finished university with it, and it was on my side through lectures, labs, numerical verifications, programming assignments, hex editing/debugging etc. I can't recall how many times I reprogrammed it to do something specific to give me some advantage in some domain-specific calculations when preparing for some exam.

    Status: Still have it, but I don't find as much use for it now as I did in the past, though this could change.

    Amstrad 21" Color TV

    A nice, big 21" CRT TV with great picture, which has been through a lot.

    History: I bought it in late 2002 as part of a limited 50-piece stock for a good price (120 Euros back then). I had literally camped out of the mall to catch the opening time, I sprinted inside and still it was among the last 10 pieces :-S Anyway, I carried it by bus and hand to my home (30 KG, FTW!!!) and it served well ever since....it traveled with me back to Greece from Italy in 2004, it then was used by my sister for 2 years in her studio home, then in my parents' bedroom, and now it's my main TV again. It has been hooked with my laptop, game consoles, VCRs, DVD players, Digicam, DivX player, DVB receivers.
    Status: Now used as my main TV in my new home, hooked to a Famiclone, a "Vii" clone, a DivX player and a DVB receiver, and still going strong.

    Sony Ericcson K750 phone

    History: When I got that little nifty phone in late 2006 little did I know how versatile it would be. It's not as old as the other stuff I mentioned, and yet it's my more long-lasting cell phone up to this day. Unlike a lot of hi-end phones that don't get exploited to their fullest, I used EVERYTHING from its camera (over 2000 pics taken), to MP3 player, loaded it with 2 GB of videos, 100s of Java games, and it has been with me through graduation and even my army service, including allowing me to read my gmail while on a field drill away from civilization. I even used it as a GPRS modem as of lately. I have bought a replacement battery to keep it functioning.
    Status: still with me and my main phone. It wasn't cheap (about 200 Eur) but even today I can't find anything that's actually better for a lower price. Even modern phones in the 100-150 Eur range can't hold a candle to it.

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    2. GreyGhost


      If we're including stuff that's not used regularly - here's a couple of relics I dug out of the garage, both owned since new.

      Sheen M-1200 Micro Computer - from the late 70's.

      Super Sketch drawing tablet - from the mid 80's.

      (Thumbnails are linked to higher-res (1600x1200) images)

    3. Nuxius


      I still have my Atari VCS (aka 2600) with a bunch of games. I know my dad still has his old Commodore 64.

    4. deathbringer


      Hmm, thats still regularly used... my Fuji Finepix digital camera. Cost about 80 quid in around 2002... 2 megapixels which is enough for me, and in "fine detail" it kicks the ass of a 6 megapixel one my mum gave me... AND takes pictures when you press the button with no delay to focus.
      I suspect when it finally dies i'll be having a "they don't make 'em like they used to!" moment whilst spunking a ton of money on several mid-range new ones that turn out to be nowhere near as good or conveninent.
      Oh and it can get over 1100 pictures on a gig ** card.

      I also have a Megadrive gotten in around 1991 (Sonic 1 was definitley out... Sonic 2 wasn't, come to think of it it was probably Christmas 91). It's not been switched on for years though but i bet it'd work first time!

      I also have an original Game Boy gotten in about 1995 (the very end before the newer ones started to appear) but that's also lain unused for ages.

      Oh i do have a circa 2000 Rip PMP300 MP3 player, all of 32mb of storage! Enough for maybe 9 tracks on 92kbps (back in the day you actually had to concentrate on choosing a balanced bitrate and not just rip whole CD's at 225 or something). The battery cover is loose but if you hold it shut you can get a glimpse of my musical tastes of the time... the Sex Pistols and Sham 69 feature heavily i imagine.

      Not owned from new... well my car is a 1991 Toyota Corrola EX (11 grand new!) that my dad got for 250 "just because", and that was in immaculate condition (it isn't now). He gave it to me for nothing when i started a new job and it runs great, though there's some quite large rust patches coming through now.

      I also have a laser printer from probably the early 2000's that i saved from a skip at my old work. It was "broken" but actually needed a new drum cartridge... which was 56 quid. All my uni work was printed on it, and much more besides, and i've not had to change the toner yet!