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  1. OK, so in this new house of mine, I used to have this big-ass three-seater couch. Very confy stuff, slept in it several times instead of my bed, and used it for uhm...more personal acts too.

    However that couch was a sort of a medium-term loan, and knew it. It belonged to a guy who has a furniture upholstery store next to me, and is related to my house owner. The couch was already in the house when I first rented it, and we agreed to keep it in there as it was convenient for both (I needed a couch, he had nowhere to put it in his house or shop).

    However now, after 7 months of me being here, he decided he wants it back...so after haphazardly managing to find a day where I could move it and not have to work (ended up on a saturday morning) I cleared up my house's corridors and halls to allow for carrying it outside (it was two pieces, and I have very narrow corridors).

    Anyway, he was kind enough to give me two old leather chair in lieu of the couch...confy enough for TV but not for other stuff.

    The WTF? He said he wanted it back for his "personal use"...OK fair enough, it was his to begin with.

    But then he said he wanted to re-upholster it...OK, reasonable. The upholstery was an old blue, stained and torn affair (I used a red cover), and his job is to re-upholster old furniture anyway.

    So one day I go check out the shop to see what's he's doing..he had ripped the whole fucking couch open, torn and thrown away all of the old upholstery and foam filling/paddig, and had also heavily modified the remaining wooden frame.

    All in all, between labour, his time, my time, new materials costs and design considerations, he could as well leave the old couch alone, build a new frame himself, and upholster/pad it from scratch. Or just get a new couch and leave this one alone, sheeesh.

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    2. Maes


      Use3D said:

      So what's his name?

      The couch's? Couch.

      bytor said:

      Maes was feeling heartsick for the couch that left him.

      So he goes to visit it.

      Imagine his scream when he sees the shocking horror once known as his beloved couch.

      Well, it wasn't mine to begin with and it's not hard to find second-hand ghetto ocuches around here (even though this one was a pretty good one). The WTF is how the guy who owned it essentially rebuilt it from scratch, to a point that there was absolutely no purpose in taking it from me. He wasted my time, his time, and his money, and unless he finishes what he started, he's left with no couch for now. Then again he has done other impulsive stuff in the past, so....

    3. Danarchy


      Ha! My couch was GIVEN to me, so I'll be keeping it as long as I can. Unfortunately, I have to keep it in the garage right now, because it is too big for either of the rooms I'm using right now.

    4. printz


      Offtopic, but could fit the thread title: Danarchy, your avatar (and wall of text below) looks just like Creaphis's. Makes me expect a snarky over-lucid post.