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  1. Keeping up with my tradition of being ghetto and shit, I recently found two pieces of "new" furniture and a TV.

    The furniture:

    • A white work table, thrown out from an office clearing near my workplace. Not exactly brand new, but MUCH better and more professional than what I had at home (my sister's old teen room desk).
    • A heavy-duty low table on wheels, suitable for TVs and heavy machinery. The frame on that fucking thing is made of 2-inch wide metal beams and has two inch-thick wood panels. Heavy stuff, weighs a ton, can probably handle two. Very rough-cut in appearance, it sure ain't an IKEA cutesy table for use with your new iMac, but who cares.
    I "convinced" a friend with a van to help me carry them home. I also found a lot of old swivel chairs, which I cannibalized for spare wheels (mine's were broken). Good catch ;-)

    The TV:

    I was returning home last night and noticed someone had left out an old Sony Trinitron 24" color TV set, with stereo 4-speaker sound :-p

    Took it in just to check what state it was in, the very least it could be cannibalized for components. But, lo' and behold, it turned on. Checked out everything: TV Tuner... OK. Remote sensor...OK. Picture...OK. Audio...OK. Body/chassis...perfect. No strange smells, no weird noises. It was in perfect working order. The only issues were that it was dirty, dusty and the A/V inputs in the rear were rusty (probably they were never used). No idea why whoever threw it out did so, unless he thought it wasn't "posh" enough for him and his new 48" LCD TV anymore...

    No problem, with some scrubbing and polishing it was just like new, and the perfect addition for my "new" TV table. The only problem with that TV is that it only has CVBS (composite) video inputs and a memory of only 18 channels (seems to be a late 80s/early 90s model), but neither is a problem: it's by far the best "junk" TV I ever found, and the biggest I've ever owned ;-)

    Hurray for being ghetto!

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    2. ReFracture


      Reminds me of a B&W TV a friend had that literally only accepted screws on the back where you would connect the wires for an antennae.. he had some weird cluster fuck of cables setting it up so that his VCR was connected to it so he could plug other things in.

    3. Chow Yun Thin

      Chow Yun Thin

      Something that annoys me greatly is when I see what seems to be a perfectly good TV out on the street, but when I go to examine it the power wire's been cut off. Why do people do that? You obviously didn't want the TV by putting it out on the street, so what do you care if someone else decides to take it home? Is it some sort of "I-don't-want-it-and-nobody-else-can-too" logic that you have to follow up on?

      I guess I'd be less annoyed if the power wire could be replaced, but I don't think I'll be doing that unless I get some urge to cannibalize TVs for parts.

    4. Planky


      I cut the cable off any electrical stuff I turf if its unsafe...

      Other potential reason if its outside for any length of time, it may get wet and then some muppet thinks "Awesome new tv!" Plugs in and boom.