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    Here's an old post I made on the subject,

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  1. I'm sure Hellbent will love it:

    The shitty blasting of the Chocolate


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    2. BlackFish


      Crappy blowjob Mansion

    3. Khorus


      Fabulous convenience store Farmer


    4. Vaporizer


      Some WWII WAD ideas:
      The church of kristus 1942
      Heinrich Himmler might be whiffing the Pathetic of Worm Training
      Stalin Helicopter slaying
      The hillbilly WWII of the Disney
      The crappy bleeding of the WWII

      Steam powered trolling in the altar of Liam
      Rising Retarded dehumanizing
      Disturbing jail World Cup
      Trippy jail of Hippo
      The infested tomb of Bazooka
      Omegamer Tetris running
      Gez Square Dancing cleaving Collection

      And finally... Vaporizer's mapping of the Rad. It took too long. And it's not even cool. Shit.