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  1. After my Athlon 939 mobo died (a combination of latent bad caps and probably some dead transistor), I had ordered a new Athlon II X640 beast, but alas, shipment was stalled for nearly a month and I had other shit to do, so I cancelled the nearly Eur. 500 order (the PC was meant for use in my hometown, which is not everyday as of now).

    Frustrated, I picked up the "best" components I could find amongst my recovered junk PCs. After some tinkering, here's my new desktop "beast":

    • Pentium III @ 1000 MHz
    • Jama M7693V motherboard. In case you're not familiar with it, it's one of the least well designed and most unsupported VIA KT133-based mobos ever made :-p
    • 640 MB of PC-133 SDRAM (probably worth a fortune on eBay).
    • SATA 500 GB HD (ha! You didn't expect that!) hooked to...
    • ...some noname Fasttrak 378-based SATA RAID controller. Had to slipstream special drivers into an XP installation to get it to work.
    • Some nVidia FX 5200-based graphics card with 128 MB of RAM. It's an AGP 4x card forced to work at AGP 2x because of the extra crappiness of this mobo -_-. This results in some interesting behavior: stuff that relies on just using a lot of onboard memory/rendering bling works fine, stuff that requires too much geometry pushing from the CPU to the graphics card is a real dog.
    • 3Com TX 10/100 Ethernet adapter, for extra awesome or something.
    It's not actually a bad gaming system: it plays Doom 3, Battlefield 1942, World of Goo, GZDoom, etc. its only sore point is that some MPEg4 videos don't seem to play smoothly, and flash-based players are nearly unusable inside a browser, because they require so much more raw CPU horsepower. But in any case...hey, it was almost free, and it has a vast new hard disk to play with ;-)

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      You made zero sense, please stop posting.

    3. Justince


      Doom Marine said:

      You'd be surprised how much money talent can earn.

      A little gem you picked up giving blowjobs on campus?

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Doom Marine said:

      Wrong pothead, the PC came from 2 years of working my ass off in research labs. Some companies like Amgen pay $3000 for 10 week's work. You'd be surprised how much money talent can earn.

      I actually get paid to ski, I work and teach, so daddy shelled out nada. It's called work ethic and having a brain... which is way over your head.

      Looks like someone's trying to compensate for lack of pot.