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  1. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    The Golden Axe dragon has nice, long, smooth, sexy legs. ....what? They really are. Now that I think about it, those dragons were unusual in that they had pretty human-like leg joints, and not the usual "chicken walker" anatomy usually attributed to fantasy dragons, and seen on dipedal dinosaurs.
  2. Maes

    We don't need 3D models! But we do need...

    Well, they are a way to get reference images, indeed, and even hand drawing is more convenient if done over an existing sprite used as a template. But even the best model should be viewed as exactly that: a template, no more and no less, especially if the final medium is as limited as Doom was. My "gripe", so to speak, comes from those projects that thought that using models (of any kind) was a sufficient, one-step method, only to be overwhelmed by the per-sprite postprocessing work. At that point, you might have just as well used a generic, posable artist's dummy as a template and draw around it.
  3. Maes

    We don't need 3D models! But we do need...

    Exactly what I've been trying to convey, @Bauul. There's a difference between "it's easy to make/modify/repose/re-color in its original form" (3D model, clay figurine, latex doll/action figure etc.) and "looks good in the final medium without too much effort". I suppose you could kinda-sorta get away without much post-processing if your final medium has a respectable sprite resolution ( @Tea Monster's models would be enormous by Doom standards) and a high enough color depth so that you don't have to worry about excessive detail loss/pixel noise. Which definitively wasn't the case for any of the classic 1990s era FPS. With Cyberdemon, at pixel scale, for comparison: It's the tallest sprite, yet it looks absolutely tiny next to that Mummy and Chthulhu guy. Still think they would look good if I just blindly halved their dimensions and applied the Doom palette to them? What if they were not even meant to be that tall if resized to scale? E.g. the Mummy guy seems more appropriate for Imp-size, while Chtulhu strikes me more as Baron-sized. Edit: it's interesting how in that before and after thread, the approach they followed was to scale down the resolution first to their intended in-game one (or pretty close to it) and then they performed any edits. That's actually pretty clever, as you know immediately what details will be lost and what you have to work with. That didn't prevent them from going overboard with model details that wouldn't make it cleanly into the finished sprites, though. The Archvile IIRC looked nothing like its final form, esp. the face.
  4. Maes

    We don't need 3D models! But we do need...

    @Tea MonsterNice models, but would they scale down nicely to Doom resolution without some postprocessing work? Carmack & co. definitely had to deal with that aspect, even if it may appear a non-issue today. Limited res., limited palette etc. all required some compromises and good old fashioned elbow grease and eye squint to get a good fit into the final medium, no matter how clean your starting model was. The amount of said post-processing work vs an original creation in the 2D domain determines the method to choose. Like all things in life, it's yet another compromise between desires and available resources.
  5. Maes

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Now a literal Shit Fighter would have been awesome. Look at how many styles there are to choose from!
  6. Maes

    We don't need 3D models! But we do need...

    @Tea MonsterMy point was more that even with models, spriting isn't easy work. First of all, you need to make the models somehow, then you need to take their pictures and clean them up in order to have usable sprites. For Carmack & co, they also had to go through the additional step of developing and scanning real film photos, but it's probably not as relevant to the discussion. My point is that even with good quality models available, getting the angles right, getting the resolution downgrade right and, most importantly, getting them to work well as low-res sprites is still an art that takes much time, and if you skimp on it/cut corners there, BOY, does it show. Oh and BTW, not all monsters started off as models. Most notably, the zombies and imp, Cacodemon/PE, Lost Soul. Edit: an example of what I mean. Imagine e.g. that you had an imp model with super-sharp sprites, super-detail, claws, eyes, teeth, scales or even fur if you subscribe to that theory (eww). Make it super-ultra-HD-and whatnot, if you want. Now, when you reduce that to a few tenths of pixels in each dimension, how many of the details will still pass across you think? Will the spikes/eyes/teeth still be recognizable as such or will they have crumbled/been averaged into a mess of noise-like, dancing pixels? Unless your downsizing filter is super-smart, you'll have to make some significant edits by hand, in order to get a presentable picture. So, models: definitively a starting point, but not a necessary one, and definitively not a sufficient one.
  7. Maes

    The worst movie you seen

    Anything by Andrew Jones. That guy always seems to bite more than what he can chew.
  8. Yup, that's the good old Mocha Doom blockmap hack alright. Hey, the purpose was exactly for it to make it everywhere, so mission kind-of accomplished I guess? If anything, I wonder why this isn't standard in every Doom port by now (at least those using a source code reasonably close to the original, and not aiming at 100% bug replication). It's a relatively unintrusive and "oldschool friendly" fix. As for shedding some light.... here's an old post I made on the subject. Hoo boy, has time passed!
  9. Maes

    Cursed Doom Images

    More like rapeface. Look at those imps!
  10. Maes

    Cursed Doom Images

    You know, I have a perverse liking for this sort of map start. Where you carefully punch + vector one barrel at a time, just enough so that you can barely squeeze through. All the more fun if there are monsters around who don't seem to share your meticulous enthusiasm for careful barrel-pushing, or if you need to punch a barrel twice...it may take it, it may not.
  11. Maes

    What country are you from?

    Well, in some Atomic Shrimp scambaiting video it was determined that Ohio was the "United State", singular.
  12. Maes

    Doom Without Demons?

    Well duh, I thought everybody knew by now that in Doom the "Demons" are actually non-Earth based Extraterrestial Mutant Devil lifeforms OF DOOM from OUTER SPACE.
  13. Well, at these sorts of resolutions, it maybe pays to have custom assets optimized for the display's limitations. E.g. it would make much more sense to have Zombiemen redrawn as stickmen (even if they had to undergo the same scaling process), than a bunch of blocky characters.
  14. Maes

    Things about Doom you just found out

    There's a an official (?) UV-MAX run of CYBIE.WAD:
  15. Actually the 45 degree angle thing has some merit: due to the square hitboxes, there's actually more "surface area" to hit. Very beneficial when using SG/SSG and most importantly, BFG. It also explains the widely held misconception that "strafing" makes attacks more powerful by itself. The catch is that the square's sides are fixed to the map's N/S/W/E directions regardless of monster's rotation (otherwise it would defeat the purpose of simplicity) and thus what you perceive as the monster's "diagonal view" , may actually a full frontal for what regards the hitbox. Unless you have an uncanny sense of orientation and only attack monsters purely from SW, NW, SE, NE directions relative to the map's grid ;-) As for "back sneaks", you probably tend to get a lot closer than you do with regular attacks, so especially with SSG you get a much fuller hit spread. Also, I thought everybody knew that you're supposed to uhm...approach Cyberdemons from behind ;-)
  16. Maes

    ISSUE : Downgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 7

    That's hardly on the same league as e.g. owning firearms and not storing them securely (the legal requirements vary, but that usually means storing them separately from their ammunition, unloaded, and perhaps even in an armored cabinet/safe), only for them to be e.g. stolen and used in illicit activities. Sure, if you are a business which relies on data security/personal confidentiality, then stakes and expectations are higher, and there may be legal accountability in certain cases. But FWIW I've never heard about victims of a botnet being held accountable for the botnet's misdeeds. But sure, you could attract unwanted law enforcement attention and waste their time and yours. OTOH I never heard of anyone -important- getting canned for e.g. data leaks from banks or public offices. Maybe some super low-level disposable IT dungeon grunt, and that's it.
  17. OK, I just can't wrap my head around that. The effects of the spread/pellets were pretty obvious visually and, well, ever since the 1970s everybody should know how a pump-action shotgun and its shells operate, what with all those action/crime movies, amirite? OT, I used to believe that the Archvile couldn't resurrect monsters it had killed itself, and also that the way the OUCHFACE bug worked was entirely intentional. Guilty of that myself, and I had even figured out certain specific figures like e.g. 6 bullets for an imp and 14 for a Demon/Spectre, and 35 for a Cacodemon (or exactly 5 shotgun shots. 7 pellets = 70 HP). For some reason I also assumed that 1 bullet = 10 HP. Thing is, with heat-of-battle counting, at least those specific figures were almost always right on the money. It's interesting how the Cacodemon's estimate (350 HP) undercuts the actual one significantly (400 HP), meaning that random effects only become significant once you really start stretching the "dice rolls", so to speak. For a Baron I think I estimated it around 700 HP or 10 shotgun blasts. Well, you weren't entirely wrong about IDDQD. It's definitively defeatable by design in certain situations, e.g. telefragging, end-level death sectors etc. As for Berserker....yeah, I got why everybody thinks it only lasts so long, but a) I had read about it before even encountering, so I always knew it lasted the entire level and b) Its screen tinting effect doesn't have that "expiration warning flash" effect you get with radsuit, invisibility or lite amp. It just fades gradually to a less intense shade of red, thus indicating that it doesn't really expire the way the other powerups do. Ha, I bet several people just found this out ;-) Semantics, semantics.
  18. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    Hmm....not quite an unpopular opinion in a place called Doomworld.
  19. Maes

    Cursed Doom Images

    Too much eyeliner.
  20. Maes

    Cursed Doom Images

    Funnily enough, that makes Doomguy look more worn out than if he had taken a bloody beating.
  21. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    Actually that's far from an unpopular opinion: it was a fact. Pre-Keen and pre-Jackrabbit platformers simply sucked on the technical level due to limitations on the hardware: no smooth scrolling (or no scrolling at all, in some cases), no hardware sprites, etc. and the comparison with console, arcade or even home computer games was for the most part unfavorable. Platformers were the PC's greatest weakness, not really a good selling point for the PCs as "gaming platforms" in an era where they were pretty much the dominant genre everywhere else. At best you had the feeling of playing on a much more expensive Amstrad CPC, which was never a good thing. In fact, when I got my first PC in 1994 (kinda late, I know), I was not amused by the (non)availability of classic home computer/arcade platform games for the platform. Either they sucked as I described above, or, most commonly, games that received ports to pretty much any other platform (including ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC) simply didn't exist at all on the good old IBM Pee-Cee. They were never made for it, period. If platformers were your cup of tea, then PCs simply shouldn't be your #1 choice back then. Things eventually did change of course, emulators became a thing, etc. but native offers just sucked. As for Jazz Jackrabbit...I think we were all willing to give it a free pass for what regards the controls and, if you played past Episode 1, the gameplay itself. It simply lacked the depth of a Mario or Sonic game. We all knew, deep inside, that "something" was amiss, but hey, it was the Champion of PC platformers, you couldn't NOT root for it...kinda like Gloom/Alien3D were the "champions" of FPS games on the Amiga.
  22. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    @Woolie WoolWelo, let's say they never existed in the super-exaggerated way most "scanline emulators" or "enhancers" portray them. Kinda like RL in the 1980s was not actually like Kung Fury ;-) Especially not in an arcade or home console setting, which used TVs or TV-like displays. On dedicated computer monitors, esp. CGA or even Amiga, yeah, they were a thing, but on any decent 1990s SVGA monitor they were already nowhere to be found, unless you really messed up with the controls or tried weird video modes.
  23. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    Scanlines were never a thing.
  24. Maes

    Is it possible?

    Well, take it from here. In all these years I've never seen a hi-res re-spriting project doing the full pull, and usually the progression goes something like "I'll hand-draw everything from scratch" -> turn out that's A LOT of work -> "OK, I"ll use 3D models" -> Ooops, turns out you need to be a professional 3D modeler and it's still a lot of hard work -> "Fuck it, I'll just rescale the sprites with a filter and call it a day" -> Why not use an OpenGL port that does that automatically anyway?