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  1. Nash

    The perfect HUD doesn't exist-

    I released it:
  2. Nash


    A classic-style status bar mod for GZDoom - Fits seamlessly into the vanilla graphics - Icons for powerups - Essential level stats - Built-in HP bar - Also has a fullscreen HUD version (sort of like a not-Alt-HUD) Issues: - Certain combinations of status bar scaling settings and window sizes may appear messed up - I didn't deal with multiple slot weapons in the fullscreen HUD properly - Obviously will look out of place with WADs that use custom STBAR graphics (I have some ideas on how to solve this but I don't have time to do it right now) - Built-in HP bar can't be disabled right now (will fix later) Runs with GZDoom 4.5 (at minimum), LZDoom 3.87c and Delta Touch Download v0.9 / Github
  3. Nash

    Voxel Doom

    Because the Icon of Sin voxel is not replacing any actor. It's arbitrarily spawned in thin-air and the "toggle" is really just turning it visible or invisible. Each monster, on the other hand, have their sprite assets physically replaced with a voxel. You can't really "toggle" the voxels on and off.
  4. Nash

    The perfect HUD doesn't exist-

    OP probably took a screen cap from some streams where I've used it. Or maybe from some screenshots I've posted in the past. I plan to release it after Voxel Doom 2 drops (I will be using it again on the stream)
  5. Nash

    Voxel Doom

    Voxel Doom II will be releasing earlier than previously announced! Come hang out with Cheello and me on July 31st, 1830 (6:30 PM) PDT as we chit chat and play some Voxel Doom II coop for a bit. Full version of the mod will be released at the end of the stream!
  6. I just had another idea, on top of the presets menu (or simply just a texture filtering tickbox at the IWAD selector): MAPINFO-defined texture filtering settings, just like with lightmode, no jump, no crouch and the like. User will be able to override it to ignore the MAPINFO setting. I can make PRs for these but there's zero guarantees any of this will get in.
  7. Something that I have always wanted to submit to GZDoom is something similar to the FTEQW source port - Upon launching GZDoom for the first time, a presets menu will pop up, with presets like "classic", "modern", perhaps a couple of others in between. Classic will, of course, do stuff like no texture filtering, maybe set the transparency mode to vanilla, etc. This at least gives new users a quick setup experience. I think this presets menu will be the best "in the middle" solution that keeps everyone satisfied.
  8. Got a Discord server or something where I can keep a closer eye on the project?
  9. Nash

    How to make a map with lightmaps?

    Lightmaps will be enabled in the mainline version of GZDoom hopefully real soon. We will declare this "v1.0".
  10. Yeah, I want _just_ floor and ceiling textures and nothing else. Thought I could save time and just play, assuming someone's already made such a thing. Insert Thanos "fine I'll do it myself", I guess. :S Thanks for the link to the mod though - it's a good reference for how to actually do it (as I have zero experience with Wolf3D modding)
  11. Has anyone made a vanilla map pack that adds floor and ceiling textures to the stock levels? Just got ECWolf and beat episode 1, man I've been spoiled by Doom too much, those untextured flats are very hard to look at LOL.
  12. About the desync + crashing + memory leak - this is a known issue. Coop doesn't work correctly with the version that's currently on Steam. HOWEVER - as I am typing this right now, we will be testing a fixed version. Testing with pretty big latencies too (Malaysia - California) - so if our test session succeeds today, it would mean that I've ironed it out and it should be ready for a more public test. Will report back here later. :) PS - for black player texture - this is also a known bug - short term workaround is to change the graphics backend to OpenGL - Options - Display - Set Video Mode - Video Backend - then restarting the app. Will be fixed properly for Vulkan in an update patch!
  13. I talked about this on Twitter - jumping/platforming in GZDoom can be quite a pain, yes, so I did attempt to remedy this by implementing coyote time. So it actually is already in there and I can confirm it's better than GZDoom's default of not having it at all, but perhaps the window is still too small. I can try increasing the coyote time window and see if this will help with your jumping problems!