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  1. Nash

    I Made A Quake Clone In 10 Days

    Thinking of creative ways to make the lights interact with solid geometry and create interesting shadow forms is such a fun thing to experience. (WIP map by NachtIntellect)
  2. Nash

    I Made A Quake Clone In 10 Days

    Time for some new images! This is a WIP DM map made by NachtIntellect
  3. Specifically answering the bit about widescreen graphics - the feature to render widescreen images properly was only added into GZDoom around March 2020. As soon as the feature made it into the then-in-development codebase, I started drawing the extended artwork right away... initially motivated by just wanting to test the feature. In theory - always wanted to do it (people have asked for the feature for several years prior), but actually only got around to do it as soon as GZDoom supported it. When I started it, I didn't imagine that one year+ later, I would end up solo'ing the extension effort for 7 games with wildly differing art styles... =P
  4. Nash

    What do you think about this "Chocolate DOOM"?

    - And... this... "Chocolate Doom". The humans... they enjoy eating it? - Yes, they do. - Very well. I shall enjoy eating this... "Chocolate Doom"... as well.
  5. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    Hi Emile, got a quick question: how do I find out which GZDoom commit exactly is GZDoomDev built on at any given time? For example, at the time of this post, both the console and the INI report "GZDoom 4.7pre" which doesn't tell me much. XD
  6. Nash

    How to enable the wide classic bar?

    Some clarification: For GZDoom, the Doom status bar was specifically (and deliberately) not given a widescreen extension because, to my eyes, the status bar already ends "cleanly"; there's some 3D beveling right at the edges, instead of being abrupt cut-offs like the other games. Moreover, I felt like, adding an extension to the sides of the Doom status bar kind of makes it look like there's supposed to be information laid on top of them, but they're empty. Much respect to other artists of other ports who have extended it, but from my personal artist POV, I saw it unnecessary. As others have pointed out, if you really want a widescreen status bar, you can take them out of the Unity port.
  7. Happy to see my doggo sprites being of use. :) I have always wanted to improve the quality of them (I felt like the one I made in 2017 was a little too, er, pixel-noisy?). This is probably a good motivation to get around it. I tried Woof! for a bit, just running around Episode 1. Feels like a solid port! Good work, everyone!
  8. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    This is a common modding mistake, where the scripts in said mods are checking for the "forward button" (BT_FORWARD) rather than forward INPUT (INPUT_FORWARDMOVE). The former only checks for a specific button bounded to "move forward", while the latter ensures compatibility with any kind of device input (be it mouse movement, thumbsticks, or in DT's case; the touch controls)
  9. Nash

    What country are you from?

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
  10. Personal challenge. I like making things fast. Quake clone in 10 days was just the beginning. =P So the next step is, "make things fast, but also good".
  11. Nash

    Colored Blood with Palette Support

    Ah, I stand corrected then. Somehow I remember playing with the feature more with the 96x build, leading me to just misremembering the origin of that feature.
  12. Nash

    Colored Blood with Palette Support

    Unfortunately the way (G)ZDoom does the blood colors is just colorizing the entire sprite to a target RGB shade, rather than do palette index translation. When this feature first existed in ZDoom like almost 20 years ago (?), there was no hardware rendering, no true colors, so there were no problems there. Then hardware rendering and true color came along so the colorized blood just uses true colors. It has also been suggested for an alternate blood colorizing method in GZDoom that does basic translation instead (take color from index xxx of the original sprite and remap it to index yyy).
  13. I need inspiration. What are some of the fastest level projects that have been made? With actually decent quality (as in, no joke WADs or the same map copied 99 times with minimal variation, etc, basically no gimmicks - I mean ACTUAL levels). By "fastest" I mean, creation time. Like for example, a full level pack made in 7 days or anything to that effect.
  14. Nash

    Colored Blood with Palette Support

    Yeah, this is unfortunately not possible with GZDoom, I would also very much like it but there doesn't seem to be a way, currently. I actually made a thread about it here (with no results): https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=1182099#p1182099
  15. You absolute mad person