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  1. Nash

    Widescreen Assets Appreciation Thread

    Correct, I'll be doing all the Chexes (some of the images are already complete, as a matter of fact).
  2. Oh, it hasn't been released yet, I was trying to fix the ammo share menu before I got busy... I'll be sure to make another post when it's up! The other thing, the HP bar one, has been out for a few days though.
  3. Ok, got it. I suppose a few more pixels wouldn't hurt...
  4. Really? Weird... I can't seem to find any gaps. What do I have to do to reproduce what you're saying? https://imgur.com/jm9PW38 looks fine here (I only post 1 image so as to reduce spam but it looks ok with the Hellstaff and Phoenix Rod as well; also checked all the firing frames, looks fine to me...)
  5. Huh, so it was brought to my attention on Twitter that the Mage's frost shard weapon sprites are drawn very short, so if the user is playing with a small HUD scale, there'd be a huge gap at the bottom of the sprites. I went ahead and extended the sprites downwards. Should be in the master branch of WidePix now (and the next version of GZDoom, whenever that drops)
  6. Nash

    Widescreen Assets Appreciation Thread

    Good to see work being done on popular mods! :) Yeah, the hash-based replacement thing would really come in handy for GZDoom...
  7. I've seen this image, which was why I concluded that there's nothing that can be used as a base. Any extension work would have to be on the artist's creativity. :)
  8. If you mean the non-expansion version of Heretic, yes, it is already included in the pack. One caveat though, because of my "preservation" rule, this means that it still looks like this (comparison of original version against the one included in WidePix) All that was done here is extend the image to use the same blank colour as the surrounding image, so at least it doesn't cut off to your monitor's black pixel when in fullscreen. There doesn't seem to be much I can find on the internet with regards to the original painting's source, which would mean I'd have to exercise creative liberty if I were to extend it. I may make a custom extension of it in future, offered as an alternative, although I should note that neoworm has already made one (16:9 compatible) in the past that's floating around somewhere out there.
  9. Hey, figured I'd make a post here too, because not everyone goes to the ZDoom forum. Last year, before there was any public knowledge that Doom Unity would be pushing out a widescreen update, I started a widescreen graphics pack meant to be used for GZDoom. It has since then been shipped with GZDoom 4.5.0 onwards, and as of today, with GZDoom 4.6.0, full Heretic and Hexen support has been added. These graphics support 16:9 and 21:9. How my project differs from other similar attempts is that I do not alter the original center portion of the assets at all, at the interest of preservation. The purpose of me posting this here is to let as many people keep tabs on my progress, as the final goal of the project is to fully widescreen-ify all base games supported for GZDoom - Strife, Hacx and Chex Quest is coming next (Strife is already in progress as I type this, and my progress can be followed on the 'wip' branch on the Github). The other reason for posting here is to let everyone know that the licensing for my assets are clear: you may use these in your source ports, or mods if you wish (I am aware of some source ports that have already bundled these) as long as you give the proper credits (see the included license for details) and of course, not for commercial use. Anyway, enjoy these, and I hope with the GZDoom 4.6.0 update, you might be able to replay Heretic and Hexen with a fresh makeover. :) Stay tuned for the other aforementioned games! Link -> WidePix Github repo
  10. This was just fixed 2 hours ago from the time I'm making this post: https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom/commit/28dab3889bf5c5442a8c2fa03e4b9e214c60153f GZDoom 4.6.0 should have the vanilla behaviour reinstated.
  11. Link to Better Strife, one of the mods used in my StrifeCoop live streams, is added to the first post. I decided not to make a new project thread for it here due to my very small audience. If anyone has any issues with Better Strife, just post in this thread (or the ZDoom forum thread if you have access to it)
  12. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    Hmm, seems to work now, and I can see the log is quite short. Not sure what's up with the freezing from before... probably, like you said, the log was too large.
  13. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    When I press this button the app seems to freeze and I'd have to force-close the app...
  14. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    Would it be possible to add detailed DECORATE/ZScript error messages on startup, like its PC counterpart? It's really hard to debug mods on Delta Touch when all it says is "7 DECORATE errors" but it doesn't tell me which mod, and which line, is it having trouble compiling... :P
  15. Nash

    Delta Touch on Android

    Not sure which thread to put this in. :P With the up-and-coming potato GLES2 backend, will there be a possibility to bring back the shader-based lightmodes ("software" and "vanilla", at least?), or are those the sacrifices that had to be made to get back the fast performance? Secondly, framerate tanks when standing in front of a mirror (using the potato renderer). Can be tested easily by downloading Kinsie's test map pack, warping to the map called "test" and then turning around to face the mirror.