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  1. That intro speech is WAY too long. Please make it skippable. That 1 minute might be all it'd take for some people to quit before even getting to play it. Also consider adding subtitles for people who do actually want to listen to the speech but have difficulties picking up the audio.
  2. Nash

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Lobbing dynamites at the 2 starter zombies in E1M1 across vanilla blood.exe (DOSBox), NBlood and Fresh Supply, I notice that what might be going on in FS is that the body part gib pieces are too easily destroyed compared to the other executables, therefore making players perceive that there isn't enough gibs. Explosions are also able to destroy the full corpses in FS - in vanilla/NBlood, corpses just slide around and can never be destroyed. Full corpses meaning, corpses from normal deaths (not gibbed). On the other hand, I also notice that gibbing in FS spawns a fuckton more blood trails and floor blood splats - I say keep that. :P Oh yeah the floor splats tend to spawn in mid-air and stay afloat but I'm sure y'all already sick of hearing that EDIT: text chat mode doesn't block some game input keys; for example if you press P while chatting, game will select the Proximity Dynamites if you have them
  3. Nash

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Yikes, okay I guess I'll have to forget playing splitscreen then... for an extremely unforgiving and fast-paced game like Blood, gamepads are impractical, actually they're out of the question for me.
  4. Nash

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    I posted this in the Steam forum but it went unanswered (unsurprisingly) How do you configure controls for other players in splitscreen mode? Are they hardcoded to use gamepad only? I couldn't get secondary mice and keyboard to work. Is there an official ticket/tracking system where I can post bug reports and suggestions? Seems awfully sloppy to dump everything into noisy forum threads
  5. Are you talking about the "default" blood style or "classic" blood style? I suppose I could look into adding a "blood gravity" slider in the options...
  6. Nash's Gore Mod: Vengeance Editon v0.9 beta is released! Click here
  7. For blood effects (weapon hitscans): last/most bottom loaded mod in your load order will win. So if you load nashgore last, you will see only nashgore's blood effects. There's no other solution to this, because every gore mod ever made are all competing to do a "replaces Blood". For gibbing: ALL effects will load simultaneously! You will see gib effects from both mods spawned at the same time. This might bog your computer's performance down.
  8. Let's see if I can remember... (in completely randomly order) My original mods (all can be found on the ZDoom forum): SpriteShadows Tilt++ Sway Other peoples' mods and maps: Final Doomer Smooth Doom Ashes 2063 High Noon Drifter Ancient Aliens ZPack Might've missed some others though... can't remember, sorry :S
  9. Targeted for GZDoom 3.6.0 and above, specifically. This mod was written 100% from scratch, and ZScript helped me write much shorter and cleaner code with no tangled spaghetti and 10 billion A_Jumps every where. :) With client/server GZDoom being worked on behind the scenes, I am looking forward to see this mod used in play sessions in C/S GZD in future!
  10. The father of gore mods. The original brutal modification for (G)ZDoom returns, with a Vengeance. All ZScriptified. All new code. All new graphics. All new sounds. Universal compatibility. Playable beta release date: 30th November 2018 EDIT: v0.9 beta release available now
  11. EDIT: Sorry for the bump. The previous post was about asking why the program fails to launch on my Windows Vista system... I restarted my system and somehow it runs. I can't seem to delete posts here. Sorry...
  12. A) Some of the PNG colours are still incorrect. Also, PNGs with variable transparency don't display correctly in DB. B) HIRESTEX support for GZDoom.
  13. Nash

    BUG: Patch Import in Beta

    Hi Csabo, As Lobo has described in his recent post; I too am getting very similar errors. Unfortunately, to me XWE appears to do it "whenever it feels like it". For example, I'd spend time editing my DECORATE lump, then when I want to save it, errors might come up. It's really random; sometimes it says "file was modified outside of XWE, to avoid corruption, don't save" (or something like that), sometimes I get range check errors, sometimes I/O errors and sometimes some even weirder stuff; any attempt to do anything beyond that will corrupt my wad beyond repair. =( I really wish I can help you reproduce these crashes and corruptions but it's totally random. Maybe you can add an error report log or something so that we can submit them to you if an error happens? Thanks for your continuing support. Keep up the good work! Despite the crashing, XWE is still the only editor I use. I just make it a point to backup frequently.
  14. Nash

    BUG: PNG colours messed up in preview

    Sorry to bump this, but I'd like to add that even in the latest beta (EXE date July 17th 2006), PNGs with transparency (and variable transparency) don't show up at all.
  15. Hey CodeImp, I love the latest version. Anyway, I have some stuff here for you to consider... A) DB 1.68 doesn't display PNGs with alpha transparency correctly. They appear as a bunch of random pixel mess. Do you think can fix DB so it properly displays PNGs with alpha? B) Would it be possible for you to add support for GZDoom's HIRESTEX lump? If you need information on how that lump works, look at this thread: http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?t=231 and then Ctrl + F for "HIRESTEX". That's all for now. Keep up the good work.