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  1. medicdude

    Doom RTS [beta 3]

    lmao... I'm making a Doom mod for CnC Generals... but this is different, and I'll check it out :)
  2. It's really hard to remember, since I learned them all from the end of Doom2 when it listed them. But I can try to remember... Zombieman: soldier Shotgunguy: evil soldier Chaingun guy: gorilla with chaingun Imp: spikey guy Demon: Pinky Spectre: invisible thing revenant: Skeleton Archvile: flamethrower mancubus: fat thing cacodemon: red ball lost soul: flying skull pain elemental: skull mommy cyberdemon: giant rocket launcher guy hell knight/baron: abba (from that death noise, I guess) arachnotron: robot spider thing
  3. medicdude

    So what are we looking forward to this year?

    For six episodes, you might want more than one wad :p
  4. medicdude

    temporary folder

    F:\Temp doesn't work, nor F:\windows\temp.
  5. medicdude

    Blue Doom...

    It would have taken five seconds if I had leet skills yet, but I don't. It actually took a while.
  6. medicdude

    Death blows on a boss? possible?

    of course you can do the first way, have it drop something just like a zombieman drops an ammo pack :) dehacked FTW.
  7. medicdude

    Check out my map

    that's the same map? :p
  8. medicdude

    temporary folder

    Minor problem I've had with the latest version of XWE: When importing files, I get an error 'Invalid filename', and an untitled marker appears in the file list, instead of the sprites I was importing. After trying some stuff out, I found that I can skip the error and actually import that data by changing the temporary folder in the options to f:/ (My hard drive is not the C drive). However, whenever reloading the editor, it defaults back to c:/, and I have to change it again. Not a serious problem at all, just a minor inconvience that you may want to fix :) XWE owns btw, of course.
  9. medicdude

    Betatesters needed

    playing the updated version, each level with a pistol start. Map01 - Nicely done, the start really throws you in there without the normal buildup, which is a nice change actually. The texturing is very consistant, and the map name fits. The outdoor area is a little strange looking... maybe could use a wall. Yellow key trap was nice, actually unexpected. Also, picking up the chaingun from a dead zombie was pretty cool actually, tiny detail though :). The only problem I had was the *******e lack of health... I'm running around at 8%, and there's that soulsphere just out of reach, but I couldn't find out how to get there. Map02 - Overall pretty fun. Minor texture error on the slamming window things in the large area... hard to describe, but I guess it's an HOM. It's barely noticeable, though, and I can't describe it well, so ignore that. Plenty of health/armor here, although it's strange that you're picking so much up from corspes. Why didn't the deceased use the medkit before dying? Perhaps a little bit crammed in the center bunker thing, outside the bars...overall fun though. Map03 - WOOO! I got so lost... a long map, but it kept going, Only problems were getting lost in the teleports - I was actually wondering if I'd telefrag myself, I was so confused - and the plasma rifle, which I saw by that one key, but couldn't get to without crouching. I figured I wouldn't need it, so I didn't bother. After all, just open some key doors and press a few switches to get to the exit, right? Yeah, then there's that amazing, yet well-executed uber trap there, and then I jump through the final teleport to learn taht I still need to kill some stuff. The ending actually seemed drawn-out. But overall, good diesign, as with the other maps. That's as far as I've gotten so far. After playing through I'm going to have to go back and play the original version, just to see what everyone else is complaining about.
  10. medicdude

    New Level: Computer Storage

    Oooh, very nice map. It never got annoying and didn't seem to be too easy, and overall it pretty much owns :) If the whole wad is like that, it'll be pretty amazing.
  11. medicdude

    Blue Doom...

    I made some blue zombies, hope you don't mind using them :P Also, I could recolor some textures for you. the chaingunner's between shots, it really does have a cool blue muzzleflash :p The files I hope you use them :)