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  1. Da Snoop

    Thanx for help!

    I would like to thank all the people, who helped me with new weapon resources for ZDoom. I must say I have no experience with ripping the graphics from another game as Half-Life (with all it's mods), Blood/2, Duke Nukem 3D etc., even I haven't got the editors for those games. I think I'll try to draw some graphics, but I think it'll suck, because I've got only few photos of real guns. Let's look for some photos on the Net... >] Thanx! Bye...
  2. Da Snoop

    Realistic-looking weapons?

    Hi there, I do really want to use realistic-looking weapons in my TC. Does anybody know where to find it (if it exists and it's for free :)? Whenever I download some TC with new graphics I haven't played, I'm expecting a good weapon graphics, but it always sucks (nothing against the hard work of graphician(s))! Does anybody know how looks real M134 7.62mm minigun? I don't think so. Once I saw the screenshot here, on Doomworld, from upcoming TC for JDoom with few Fatso (Mancubus) guys and the player was holding a good-looking minigun! I don't know who made that, so I can't ask him for some new graphics :( I'm really tired of gathering and looking for a good weapons for Doom. I have found a cool ending of rotation of the barrels, using reloading frames of shotgun, but I don't want to use it on original graphics of minigun in Doom. Can somebody help me? Maybe draw new frames (for me :)? Thank you...
  3. Da Snoop

    Inventory & in-game log

    Hi everybody! Does anybody know how to use an inventory in ZDoom? The latest beta I have (33) does have a keys for it. I didn't found any attributes for things in Zeth (even in 4.11)! How about a text log like in Unreal? Typing a long story via "print" ACS feature is not good. I think the log can be another intermission, but activateable through ACS (with a 320x200 background graphics, not the crap 64x64 FLATS!!!).
  4. Da Snoop

    Graphix for Zdoom TC

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for skilled graphicians (animators) who can create a graphix for my new fantasy TC. I need graphix of the monsters (knights, guards, goblins, mages etc.), player weapons (sword, knife, crossbow, bow etc.), wall textures and additional objects as fountains, statues etc. Animations aren't important but may enhance the atmosphere of the game.
  5. Finally! I have trouble with activate/disable feature of the ambient sounds some time ago. I tried it with ACS command sound sequence in a decission. It works! I can now activate the console (or cross a line) when the alarm (or whatever ambient sound) starts and when I press (cross) the line again, it goes silent. #include "zcommon.acs" int snd1; script 1 OPEN { snd1=0; } //Action line. sript 2 (void) { if (!snd1) { soundsequence ("DeepAlarm"); snd1=1; } else { soundsequence ("CutEverything"); snd1=0; } } SNDSEQ file: :DeepAlarm playrepeat alarm1 end :CutEverything stopsound silence end SNDINFO file: alarm1 alarm1 silence silence I wrote this in case somebody may use it. :) I tried it with ACS command "restart" and necessary ACS_Terminate too, but this is much simple. Thanx 2 everybody who replied to my "thread". :)
  6. Hi' I would like to know how to activate and disable the ambient sounds during gameplay. For example: the player will enter a level with emergency alarm sound and when he activates the terminal, the sound will be terminated. And if it's possible to re-activate it again by pressing on the same terminal (somehow via ACS script?). The Team TNT has this effect in it's Doom 2000 (in the "reactor" level). Something f***s up and the alarm starts screaming. When the thread is solved and the player returns to the level, there is no alarm sound. It is the trick with door/platform sequences or what? I hope there is a way how to do this. Thank you for replies :)
  7. Hi! I'm looking for people who works with some 3D studio to create Star Wars models for my TC. I don't want to use the graphic somebody used already (rip it out of some other Star Wars TC). Mail to: melloun@email.cz Thank you.
  8. Da Snoop

    ZDoom stuff

    Hello Espi. If you want to have sound attached to slide door, edit (or create) file SNDINFO (with optional extension; I use .RAW, because I'm inserting new resources to PWADs with NWT 1.3). EmergencySound ersnd dstart dstart drun drun dstop dstop $AMBIENT 1 EmergencySound POINT CONTINUOUS 1.0 This is an example of SNDINFO. The first ambient sound "EmegencySound" is really an ambient sound, but the "dstart, drun..." are the declarations for the slide door sounds. See that they have not to be declared as ambient sound ($AMBIENT...). The EmergencySound is the logical name and ersnd is the lump in PWAD under the sound is stored. :SlideDoor door 1 playuntildone dstart playrepeat drun stopsound dstop end This is SNDSEQ. ":SlideDoor" is the name of the sequence. "door 1" is the tag (1) to SoundSequence(1) thing in the level editor. You have to put this thing in slide door field. "Playrepeat dstart" will play sound "dstart" when the door begin to slide. The sound "drun" follows and will be played in loop until the door reaches the end, then the "dstop" sound is played. That's it. If you'll have still (or more) troubles with ambient sounds, send me a mail, and I'll send you my ("detailed") tutorial for ambient sounds. I hope this will help you. :) Email: melloun@email.cz
  9. Da Snoop


    Hello everybody, I need to know how to write a new line special for slope and mirror to config file of Zeth. Thanx
  10. Da Snoop

    How to make slopes?

    I tried to make a slope, but ZDoom does not accept the 181 (or whatever the number is) number of line-special. I'm using the latest version of Zeth (and I'm running under DOS 6.22). Is there any DOS-based editor for ZDoom, which accepts this cool effect?
  11. Da Snoop

    Got it! The decission works!

    I don't know what do you mean, but the variable !gon works well. I have no trouble with it and be sure the engine "likes it" :-} The ! symbol is the NOT declarator. I haven't tried the < or > declarator. It seems to be much difficult to use for me. I have solved the problem with invisible line in front of the wall anyway. There's no need to use it that way. If you're interested in my newest decissions, send me mail and I'll send you some examples. Thanx for your reply anyway. :-}
  12. Da Snoop

    Got it! The decission works!

    Hi, everybody! Some days ago I posted here a question: How to make the decission? (or something like that). I've figured out how to do it (I'm posting this here, because I think somebody may use it) :-) I tried it on simple sector with two switches on the opposite walls. In front of one of the switches I've placed the impassable polygon (through F9), then I put the vertices (and lines) together to make simple line (this is the only way to make "repulsion line" of field, without breaking up the level structure :-) The simple line in front of the exit switch has the ACS_Execute special to call up the 1st script and it is 2 units in front of real (impassable) wall. The line (impassable wall) has Exit_Normal special. The switch on the opposite wall has the ACS_Execute special to call up the 2nd script. Got it? :-) Well, here are the scripts: #include "zcommon.acs" //Generator on/off flag. int gon; script 1 (void) { if (!gon) { //Print message. print (s:"\cGSet the generator on first. Then try it again."); } if (gon) { //Clear the line. clearlinespecial(); } } script 2 (void) { //Print message. print (s:"\cDThe generator has been set on."); delay(35); //Set the flag. gon=1; } That's all! But this effect has a bug (I don't know it exactly, but I think it is a bug :-( When the generator is set on and the player will activate the line in front of the exit switch, second decission in script 1 will clear the line. But the player must hit the switch again, to touch the "real" switch. Somebody may get trapped on this: "I've set on the generator, but the switch isn't working!" Do somebody know, how to fix this "bug"? P.S. Sorry, Lazer. I didn't tried it your way, because I don't know how to make see-through door :-(
  13. Da Snoop

    Thanx for replies!

    This isn't a question, but I would like to thank to following people: Lazer, loser, Wildman. Thanx for help, guys! I'll try it! Let's hope it will work... :-}
  14. Da Snoop

    How to write a decission?

    I want to use two switches in a decission (if). For example: the player must flip main generator and then operate switch near pit to raise the bridge. If the player won't switch on the generator, the switch controlling the bridge will do nothing. If generator is turned on, the bridge-switch will rise the bridge. I think that this is possible, but I don't know the variables. How to declare two switches? How does ZDoom recognize, that I mean "these" two switches, not the other? Variable sw1 or sw2 etc., used in some tutorial, doesn't work. BTW: What are all variables, supported by ZDoom or how to make my own variable (mytexture, mysound etc.)? Thanx for help. :-}
  15. I've tried what Linguica told me, but it doesn't work. I don't know whether the problem is in my system, because I'm playing ZDooM under DOS 6.22 with the "zdoomdos" executable. I can't hear the music (it has something to do with MIDAS), but I think it has the influence even on ambient sounds. I'm able to hear only original sounds and some of the new ZDooM's like secret or fountain (used in Doom2000), but the other not (e.g. earthquake). I've build up the level with an earthquake effect and when I tried it on my computer, the quake was poor (even I used strenght 9!) and there was no sound. Then I brought the level to my friend (he's running under Win98) and there the quake was poor too, but it produces a quake sound. The next thing is that ZDooM freezes on my computer all the time. Whenever I run ZDooM, it painfully slows after a while (like I'm playing Doom2, map30 on 386 with high details and full window) and soon after that it kicks up an error. I don't know whether the problem is in DOS or this is ZDooM's bug. By the way, I have Pentium 166Mhz, 16MB RAM, 2MB Video, 120MB HDD (oops!), without CD-ROM. P.S. Do somebody know why the AUTOEXEC.CFG and ZVOX.WAD files are missing? Maybe these "missing" files are the source of the problem (?).