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  1. Muscle Chris

    Clerks II

    i dig the first one alot, wanna see 2 soon but i don't like goin by myself n most of my buds are playing warcraft all day. prices are stupid tho so i don't usually go unless asked or i'm really impatient waiting for dvd rentals
  2. Muscle Chris

    sega genesis 3d shooter

    man i think i know what you're talking about, i rented it a few times. it had a background image for floor n ceiling graphics, blood would slide down walls and there was some parts where you could look into space right? multiplayer was like mega bad splitscreen. i think it started with a c, damn now it's gonna be on my mind all night LOL. it was way expensive too right? i think i only rented cuz it was like $80
  3. LOL deum that reminds me one of my friends little brothers would see monsters explode from rockets or bfg and ask why they turned into crabs
  4. Muscle Chris

    Wacky Weapons

    yea good point enjay, that should be the main priority. i don't think anybody would mind the graphics like 15 yrs ago, i still play stuff that old and its way fun. depends if the dude's going for looks or fun
  5. nothing special, usually just a bunch of random curses when they'd kill me LOL
  6. Muscle Chris

    alternate doom novel covers

    supposed to be a mancubus imo. i looked at my cover and its a similar monster but its a different drawing of it, first looks way better and its got holes in the back shoulders where fire is blowing from too yea i like the new one better too. art on 4's original didn't match the others either yea but 2nd book was left way open, you could prolly include some of the 3rd in a legit doom story. just stop in the middle or something LOL original 1 and 2 are the same game covers, so you haven't played the games either?
  7. Muscle Chris

    Ever dream of playing Doom?

    you sayin my dreams suck? LOL i've seen the game at a friends place when he first got it, thought it looked decent but i didn't see a lot so maybe i saw the only good stuff. he said later he didn't like it much tho.
  8. Muscle Chris

    alternate doom novel covers

    yea i know i mean there are 4 books n he posted covers for 1 3 n 4, i was talking about book # not pic #, that's why i asked about 2nd
  9. Muscle Chris

    More Mario Madness

    yo dude, i just looked at all your topics. amazing stuff, even cooler since its from some of my fav games. sorry i don't reply to each, i'd just say the same thing anyway LOL. awesome work, keep it uP!
  10. Muscle Chris

    hay guys i made a wallpaper 8-)

    LOL is that really a map? funny parody, there was another good one naivete. dunno where that went..
  11. Muscle Chris

    mood 1

    LOL yea the blender description was good. dig the end too, hero overcoming all odds is so overdone, this is more like what would really happen, sweet end
  12. Muscle Chris

    Liquidpaint Art, part 2

    cool ideas, they just look way grainy and imo ruins what coulda been nifty pics. thing4's my fav
  13. Muscle Chris

    Wacky Weapons

    umm k they look fun to use but these dudes are right that cartoon look doesn't work at all
  14. Muscle Chris

    Ever dream of playing Doom?

    had some when i first played it years ago. nothin special tho. i always have a few dreams about anything new i do. wore off like everything else. i had one of doom3 after seeing a preview vid, it was funky cross between that and aliens, one freaky part was hiding in some small compartment on a heap of garbage with some monster tentacles sliding beneath us n hoping it didn't notice. eventually had a fight with the big eyeless oaf, i ripped one of its arms off and beat it to death :D
  15. Muscle Chris

    What weapons do you use most?

    best ones i got! k if i'm playing a serious game i try to use shotty n save big weapons for big enemies, but if i'm cheating i flood everything with bfg. doom chainsaw massacre can be fun too :D