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  1. dolorous

    Another new sound

    Update: I've also added a similarly smoothed out dsmetal to the above WIP section.
  2. dolorous

    Another new sound

    Okay then. Thanks for the details. I've used high pass filtering on dsmansit, and the sound seems sharper to me (at least when running into a big crowd of mancubi, as in FreeDoom's and DOOM 2's MAP07, the collective growling blends together better). It's in the new WIP section here.
  3. dolorous

    Another new sound

    Thanks for the feedback. How exactly do you find them indistinguishable, though? I've tested my dsmansit on (among other levels) FreeDoom level 10, mostly around the room at (5117, -5809, -168), and I have no problem hearing either the three inside or the two outside after I open and check all the windows, even with level 10's loud background music. As for the second one, I've tested it in FreeDoom levels 10 and 32 and Doom 2 levels 6 and 32, it's roughly the same volume as the Doom 2 dsmetal, and I have no trouble picking it out either.
  4. dolorous

    Another new sound

    Update: I've just made an attempt at dsmetal, here as usual. I know it's listed as assigned, but, according to the associated date, it's been assigned for almost four years, and it's still missing from FreeDoom, so I thought I'd give it a shot. (I hope this isn't a problem.) Again, comments appreciated.
  5. dolorous

    New Baron of Hell?

    Maybe, with a little adjustment, it could be the new imp?
  6. dolorous

    New Baron of Hell?

    Very interesting.
  7. dolorous

    Another new sound

    I've taken a stab at another sound, dsmansit (mancubus sighting). It's available here. Comments appreciated.
  8. dolorous

    New sound

    In my first attempt at a contribution to FreeDoom, I've tried making a pained mancubus sound, available here in WAV format. Any comments appreciated. Thank you.
  9. dolorous

    The Great Freedoom Graphics Improvement Project

    Great stuff. Keep up the good work.