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  1. Strife

    Change obituary text in ZDoom?

    I think the way it works, is if the WAD is run in Legacy, the DECORATE lump doesn't work completely. But because I also have a Dehacked lump in the WAD, and since my custom monster replaces an existing Doom monster instead of being 'stand-alone', the monster still appears in other engines that don't support DECORATE.
  2. Strife

    Change obituary text in ZDoom?

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. ^_^ I've just created the DECORATE lump and tested the WAD in ZDoom and Legacy. The monster appears properly in both programs, along with the obituary text in ZDoom. Sweetness!
  3. I created a custom monster using WhackEd to replace one of the default monsters from Doom 2. How do I change the ZDoom obituary text so that it says "The player was killed by (insert name of custom monster)"?
  4. Strife

    Freedoom + Monster Resource Wad ?

    These guys have a point, methinks. Until some sprites are created that have the same look and feel as the rest of the game, the floating "Graphic Not Done" boxes are okay. In my opinion (as small as it is), it's better than having poorly drawn sprites because it makes it more apparent to the user that the sprite needs to be replaced. Although I do think the boxes are a little small for some of the monsters, like the Cyberdemon... Perhaps they could be resized so that they are easier to pick out from far distances?
  5. Strife

    Another new sound

    I like dsmetal, but like leileilol said, there's something odd about the sounds. Try comparing them to Doom2's sound effects... Maybe they need to be "sharper" perhaps?
  6. Strife

    Four sound submissions...

    I've been lurking around these forums for quite a while now, wondering if I should submit something or not. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, right? http://www.freewebs.com/cyberfreak/strife_freedoomsounds.zip I took a crack at recording some custom sounds: DSSKLDTH, DSSKEACT, DSSKEDTH, and two versions of DSBSPDTH. I've tested them in Legacy and I think they're a decent volume.