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  1. 1) I'm currently making a vanilla Doom 2 map in Doom Builder, and I've loaded up an alternate texture pwad for more variety. Can I get Doom Builder to automatically add the textures I use to my pwad, or do I have to do that with another program like XWE? 2) Is joining/merging sectors important for framerate or filesize reasons? I ask this because I'm already over 200 sectors in a relatively small area (I want my first map to have detail), but I could probably have fewer than 50 if I joined all sectors with the same attributes.
  2. remembert

    If there was a fifth weapon slot in Hexen...

    For the cleric: A healing spell that costs health. I've hardly ever played Hexen, I didn't like how enemies come back to life. I prefer to kill stuff and have it stay dead so I can take my sweet time exploring.
  3. remembert

    RTC-3057 rocks! Or so I hear. It doesn't work for me.

    Thanks DooMad, I downloaded 63a and it seems to work. Come to think of it, Massmouth 2 also glitched up for me on a new version of ZDoom, so I'll keep this around. As if I didn't have enough source ports already. Holy cheese, man! That's a lot to learn just to play a game. Killing stuff is the full extent of the my Dooming career; the mapping urge never really struck me. It seems a little late to start now anyway.
  4. When I drag 3057hub1.wad onto Zdoom.exe, with version 2.1.7, it instantly crashes with the message: Tried to register class 'pistol' more than once. Is there a different version of Zdoom I can download somewhere that'll work? Is there a way I can fix it on this version? Is this forum an utterly wrong place to put a question like this?
  5. remembert

    Doom disturbed me.

    I don't know how I first found Doom, but I'm sure I played it at a relatively early age. I only had access to the shareware episode, though, and I always went through it with iddqd and idkfa. I felt pretty safe that way, so I don't remember feeling particularly scared of anything. Though I know that the end of the first episode confused me terribly.
  6. remembert

    Double Dooming! Is this gameplay possible?

    Thanks for the input. As I think about this idea, it seems crazier and harder. Still, I think it would be an interesting idea for a single project, where you play two linear levels with the same layout but slightly different monster set up. I should stop changing the subject.
  7. remembert

    Origwad demos [-complevel 3]

    Cool, I'm glad to see this idea took off. I definitely can't beat 1:18, good job!
  8. remembert

    Double Dooming! Is this gameplay possible?

    Well, I was already aware of all these difficulties for the actual playing, and I'm not particularly interested in making a demo. I'd lose any remote interest in making a tool-assisted or constructed demo before I even learned how to use the tools. I really just wanted to try this for my own fun on some very simple levels, and take it from there. So, to rephrase my question: Is there any way I could control two Doom programs at the same time? I mean this in a technical way, I'm not referring to the difficulties of actually playing the game. I imagine this is a question to take to more tech-savvy forum, as Windows itself might not allow this to work. Still, thanks for your input! And yes, this is partly inspired by that Megaman X/X2 demo.
  9. I actually considered that as possible, but I won't go to that trouble. Maybe when I'm back at home for the summer I'll borrow a family computer for that purpose.
  10. Originally I wanted to do this just to make a demo file that could beat e1m1 and map01 (see demo forum) but now I think this would be incredible amounts of fun! Here's my idea: I want to have two Doom games running simultaneously, and have my keyboard and mouse input work for both games. With two different levels loaded, a wholly new sort of gameplay would arise, where you have to keep two parallel doomguys alive in two separate levels while they share all their actions in common. This would create a challenge and a new dimension of play for even the tired old levels of e1m1 and map01 (played together of course) while harder levels would be a huge challenge but still fun to try. Some interesting concerns would be: -How to navigate different levels when your doomguys face the same direction -How to have different weapons drawn in the two games -Ammo conservation (You don't necessarily want one game always shooting into empty space) -Finishing both levels at the same time -Keeping both guys alive! Unfortunately I only have one monitor, so a split-screen view would be necessary (though I could scrounge up another monitor if absolutely necessary). Being able to make a demo file that beats both levels would be icing on the cake, but the actual gameplay is much more important. Is there any way that I could set this up? If not, I hope I've sparked someone's interest out there. I'd love to see this idea implemented in a port or another project.
  11. Yes, I could definitely try more challenging levels if I could set up my dream... ^^
  12. Alright, thanks, I might try again later then. I was really just going through e1m1 while trying to keep the layout of map01 in mind; while that could work it wouldn't let me do anything interesting. I can't possibly get max kills or a decent time that way. If I could set this up so that I have two games running at the same (they'd have to start perfectly simultaneously), with my keyboard and mouse input going to both games, and my screen split between both games, then I could record the demo on either running copy of Doom and it might work. With the current source ports and my hardware, I imagine that's completely impossible. Forget demo recording! That would be a brand new challenge, and very much fun to try.
  13. I noticed someone say in a thread here that a certain HR demo, when played without loading HR.wad, still managed to exit Doom2 map01 by pure fluke. This reminded me of a constructed demo I've seen where the same demo file was used to finish two different Mega Man X games - and both games finish only a frame apart. Naturally, that's very fiddly business. But it should be very easy compared to that to construct an lmp file that can finish e1m1 and map01 within a second, possibly with the same keypress. You start facing the same direction in each map, they have largely the same shape, and the exit switches are at a 90 degree angle to eachother so they could both be pressed at an angle in between. An example this simple could probably be done with no tool-assistance. So let's try! EDIT: Then again, I can't seem to get an e1m1 demo to play on map01 with ZDoom. Is there a way to force it, or another source port that would work?
  14. remembert

    Origwad demos [-complevel 3]

    Sorry, didn't know there was a demo forum. I'll look more thoroughly next time. And thanks, I'll check it out.