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  1. Hells Goat

    Doom disturbed me.

    First time I played Doom I was 6 or 7, me and my sister would watch Dad play it and then played it ourselves. To me, Doom was an adventure in gameplay as much as the dreams and nightmares I had after playing it. I hated the way all the zombies would groan when they die, and the way you could hear someone breathing when they're close to you but can't see you. And the worst thing? In the Russian translation of Doom that I had for a few weeks they called out for their mother when they died. The dreams and nightmares were anything from me being torn apart by zombie guys to me drinking wine with the E1M8 Barons... I remember after that I completely fell in love with the Barons and had them as my imaginary friends or something. Yeah, now that I think of it, Doom DID mess me up.
  2. Hells Goat

    How are you celebrating DOOM's 13th?

    Steal cheerleaders pom-poms and chuck them at people pretending to be an imp. Then bellow that doomsday is upon us and finally sit there playing doom until I have to go to work.
  3. Hells Goat

    If life was like Doom...

    The rest gets turned into mince and scattered around the room. You will have to crawl around with a window cleaner and a plastic bag to collect it. 145. When you die for the last time (quit the game) , you go to a better but strange place where the colours are clearer, you are safe from demons, everything is three-dimensional FOR REAL and love affairs don't just get solved with a BFG. After a brief time of exploring this strange new world you will realise that exciting as it may be, it is not for you and you go to be reborn in the pixely world of DOOM.
  4. Hells Goat

    If life was like Doom...

    141: Instead of beef, mutton and pork it'd be Cyberdemon Meat, Baron Meat and Pinky Meat. Or if you don't want to waste your ammo, there's always Dead People Twitching On The Walls.
  5. Hells Goat

    [name goes here] is doomguy

    Heh, in the first picture you posted he's even doing the Original Doomguy Copyrighted eyebrow dance... I once apparrently said that Jackie Chan is the Doomguy, as it turned out I got him confused with Steven Seagal.
  6. Hells Goat

    If life was like Doom...

    95. There's a stone box around your head preventing you from looking down. 96. You can see your own small face in front of you. 97. You count all the ammo your machine gun has shot, neatly substracting it from the original number you had, all in a fraction of a second. 98. You are a PRO at eyebrow dances. 99. You take the car keys from the table and the light goes off, this is normal. 100. SDRAWKCAB gnikaeps eb dluow enoyrevE.
  7. Hells Goat

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    So that's what its called... hah, I thought it was called "Sign of Evil" for so many long years :\
  8. Hells Goat

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    Sign of Evil - E1M8 theme. So much inner pain in it and stuff. I remember when I was 8 or something I made up some weird lyrics to it, too. As well as Hanger, Plant and the other one in a later episode of the first game that I havent heard for years so I forgot where it's from.
  9. Caco Kolobok? I thought they stole him and cloned him into smileys...
  10. "Rebuilding Earth is gotta be more fun than saving it was.." If you ask me, sounds like he's itching to become a stud :P
  11. Zombies: "Where'd you come from, chap?!", (îòêóäà âû âûñêî÷èëè, äÿäåíüêà?!)later - Chap... I was 8 at the time, and was insanely afraid of them. Imp: Monkey (Ìàêàêà) Pinky Demon: Hog (Êàáàí) Spectre: Shadow (Òåíü) Baron Of Hell: Superhog (Ñóïåðêàáàí) later - puffy goat. Thats it, since I only played the shareware back then. And now that I'm swimming in a sea of Doom, I know all the names.