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  1. hobblinharry

    Breach [1.0, now on idgames!]

    I've always been more into playing full blown megawads but recently decided to start playing some single maps. I gotta say, this map was awesome! I had more fun playing this 1 map than I have had playing some 32 map packs!
  2. hobblinharry


    The one kid kept talking about how cool he thought the game was but didn't sound too excited. Then they show him Doom 2016 trailer and hes like THATS WHAT I WANT TO PLAY. Its very depressing :(
  3. hobblinharry

    Please delete this. My post got partially deleted.

    I doubt Doom for SNES has anything resembling a WAD considering it was built on a custom in house engine. The graphics and sounds were probably ripped from the IWAD and implemented into that engine and the levels, I wouldn't be surprised if they were built from scratch. I'm sort of curious about Doom II for GBA though. That one used a custom engine too. Does anyone know if that ROMs been hacked to see if it uses an IWAD?
  4. hobblinharry

    Meet John Romero

    Right. But I mean that makes sense. I doubt John Carmack sees money from sales of id games anymore either.
  5. hobblinharry

    Brutal Doom v20 Released

    I was on a hiatus from doom for about the past 7 years so I missed the whole Brutal Doom train, but my understanding a lot of people hate the mod maker more than the mod. Anyway, I tried this new Brutal Doom release and it just didn't feel fun so I stopped playing.
  6. hobblinharry

    If there was a Final Doom 2...

    maybe deadalus and icarus packed together
  7. hobblinharry

    Google destroys DoomWiki.org's page rank

    Google is bad and you should all feel bad for using it. That being said, using DuckDuckGo (the proper search engine), Doom 4 yielded doomwiki as the 14th hit, and Doom (2015) as the 21st hit. The wikia was in the top 6 for both searches :(
  8. hobblinharry

    People actually liked Plutonia?

    So I just finished Plutonia and its the last IWAD I hadn't played yet, including Master Levels and Doom 64. This was hard. I'm a big baby and played everything else on Hurt Me Plenty but I had to do this one on I'm to Young to Die. So... much... chaingun. And Revenant. The map design was mostly good I think, but I think I preferred the Evilution half of Final Doom, even with Evilutions huge sprawling levels. The later levels of Plutonia were really cool though. I played it with the plutmidi.wad from the Plutonia Music project. The music was really good and it fit all of the levels, so kudos to those guys! But yeah, Plutonia is not one I'd likely replay in the future.
  9. hobblinharry

    People actually liked Plutonia?

    I actually just started Plutonia last night. I have played all the other IWADs as well as Doom 64, Master Levels, and No Rest for the Living. The first level of Plutonia was harder than any other individual level in any of those other games :\ I started level 2 but I got trapped or something so I quit
  10. hobblinharry

    Doomworld John Romero Q&A?

    Mr Romerowl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  11. hobblinharry

    Doom Textures Missing From Doom 2 IWAD

    not sure if this will help you but this is a thread i have bookmarked with the names of textures for doom and doom2: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/68921-full-titles-of-texture-names/
  12. hobblinharry

    New util: C#4rp Doom Launcher

    i just did a search for C#4rp and one of the top results is http://www.jodwin.com/cdl/
  13. hobblinharry

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    1) My first time playing Doom was Doom for SNES around '96. My cousin had it and I thought the controls were too bad so I didn't play far. 2) The next time I saw Doom was Doom 95 a couple years later while staying with my grandma one summer (not sure why she owned Doom but she owned a few PC games). I remembered my SNES experience so I played SWAT 2 (why did she have this either??? my grandma didnt even play games) instead. 3) I remained Doomless and when Doom 3 was coming out I was looking forward to Half-Life 2 instead. I liked the Doom movie when I saw it in theaters. 5) I got wind of Freedoom and PrBoom around 2006 so I messed around a little bit with it cause I figured what the hell, it was free (and I am no pirate). Considering how early alpha it was it didn't keep my attention. Messed around with it again a couple years later but same thing. 4) Finally, during some Steam summer sale (2010?) I bought the Doom pack because it was cheap enough. Didn't play anything though cause it was a summer sale and I bought a lot of other games too 5) Early 2013. I am looking through my huge list of unplayed Steam games. Oh yeah... Doom! Wait, what the hell are "The Master Levels" ??? Having heard of Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom, I decided to try Master Levels cause I knew nothing about it. I loved it. I've since played all of Doom I, all of Doom II, all of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, and currently playing through Evilution!! Yeah!!! 6) My first exposure at length to Doom was The Master Levels :O
  14. hobblinharry

    90's.wad (and 10's.wad)

    haha what a fun map. everytime i turned a corner it was like NOPENOPENOPE but it wasnt impossible :D
  15. hobblinharry

    Question about 3DO Doom's Soundtrack

    Quick search on the internet really only says that the music was "live recorded" from a "band" The sole developer of the 3DO port is this person and you could always try tweeting them if they remember, as according to the Wiki, it was their decision to record music for it