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  1. Black

    capitalism is fucked

    Ah... I see. Well you could always ask your father or someone else with a credit card to buy it then just pay them the money in cash or whatever. Just a thought. OR you could just pirate it. That is what I'd personally recommend. I'm sure the Christian God will damn you to hell for it, but hey, live for the moment right? The King of Thieves, Black
  2. Black

    Purpose of mankind.

    True. : ) Black
  3. Black

    capitalism is fucked

    That isn't true the_Danachist. There is this amazing thing called Amazon.com. They even have Razed in Black there! In the amount of time it took you to write that 'all industrial is hard to get' you could have practically bought a CD. : ) The King of Thieves, Black
  4. Black

    Purpose of mankind.

    Technically. Black
  5. Black

    My rant - Music piracy.

    I think piracy is a good thing to a certain degree. First of all, it actually promotes bands more because people aren't afraid of wasting 15 dollars 'to try something new.' Plus, nothing pisses me off more then bands who bitch and scream about people who 'boot-leg' their CDs. I would really like to ask those kinds of people if they are making music to entertain people/for the sake of making music or if they're in it to make money. I have two bullets in my gun right now; one for Lars Ulrich and one for Dr. Dre. The King of Thieves, Black
  6. Black

    Purpose of mankind.

    One other thing... Do you think that humanity could ever achieve perfection? You might as well throw away "to become better" because things aren't getting better, just more complicated. The King of Thieves, Black
  7. Black

    Purpose of mankind.

    Humanity no longer has a purpose. To the world we are the equivalent of cancer. To each other we are all misanthophic 'ants' that try to create a purpose in vain. Anything and everything people believe in has all become shit. If you don't believe me then take my test: Take anything you feel is important (purpose orientated), then think of how the world would be without it. Do you think the world would stop? I didn't think so. I would have agreed that our purpose was to reproduce/pass down the genes, etc., but now that we have cloning, where a human being can be created more or less at will, that seems trivial. Everything is wrong but we pretend everything is right. I guess that we are all just worthless things with irrelevant apitudes that try to fill this void between birth and death with what we call purpose. Then when we really think about it, our purpose isn't really a purpose. It's just a 'filler'. Leave it to the human mind to glorify everything. Even itself. The King of Thieves, Black
  8. Black

    The most important step of combating fanaticism.

    ...Laughter... What a surprise... Major stuff in the news is always about war or death or hatred. Simply put you cannot get rid of neo-nazis. Racism and prejudice are innate in everyone. The fact that people hate neo-nazis for being neo-nazis is prejudice. It is all the same. There is no such thing as censorship, salvation, forgiveness or peace. Not in the real world anyway. Heh. There is no solution... To anything. All actions taken are in vain. Quite frankly everything that we do as of today is simply to our immediate benefit. Nothing we do now can stand the test of time. Hence the reason why our country now sucks and all religions are wrong. With our present knowledge we cannot justify anything. The King of Thieves, Black
  9. Black

    Getting to know you, part 3.

    It's all relative to which side of the brainwashing machine you were on... :) The King of Thieves, Black
  10. Black

    Getting to know you, part 1.

    Well, I think music is dying and I think a lot of people would agree with me. However that is besides the point I suppose, so here is what I listen to; Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie/White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Oingo Boingo, KMFDM, Slayer, AC/DC, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles/John Lennon etc. Anything that has a meaning that is more than face value I guess. Typically I've always prefered heavy metal, but I make exceptions for the really 'great' bands as you can see. I like a lot of other bands and I listen to a lot of film music (generally Danny Elfman stuff) and video game soundtracks too. I also think that bands aren't really bands anymore. Their priorities are along the lines of one third music, two thirds gimmick and that is fine if you're actually singing about something. It was never a problem with Manson or Alice Cooper or even Zombie to me but bands now are like more about sex appeal or stupid irrelevant shit then they are about 'good' music. Or maybe I'm just being prejudice to every band that has come out in the last 4 years or so. Either way. The King of Thieves, Black
  11. Black

    My Theory

    How is that even remotely considered a democracy? The King of Thieves, Black
  12. Black

    My Theory

    I do not have an exact reference for you scientist. I will look though. I remember my father reading to me from an old catholic textbook he had kept from when he was in catholic school something about equilevant to Judas saying, "The king of Jews!? Ha! More like the king of thieves to me." This was said to Jesus before he was hung on the cross I believe. However I am not positive about the specifics but I am sure Jesus was refered to as the king of thieves. I will remember to look for the exact reference however since you probably would not take my word for it. Such is life. You would probably have noticed it if you did a study on Judas rather than just looking for it in the bible. Again, the fact that anyone can restate exact portions of the bible is totally retarded in my humble opinion, but then again we all think differently I suppose. I have really taken that pseudo-name under a different context though. In any case I'm sure it is really irrelevant to you and it is surely irrelevant to this thread so I will not go into it. The King of Thieves, Black
  13. Black

    My Theory

    Fodders, I agree with you Fodders. Still though, on a basis of world power, women are inferior. Again, I don't want to seem sexist, but I don't understand why you wouldn't acknowledge my arguments when looking at the Middle East, Japan or even America. I understand that America has gotten better but women still haven't even tried to touch certian professions due to inevitable criticism. Do not forget why this argument even started. It is based off whether or not a male philosophy is credible. Quite frankly, 90% of everything that people abide by today was founded by males. I'm not saying that is right or anything, it's just fact. How many matriarchal societies would you consider a world power? How many patriarchal societies would you consider a world power? Think about it. The King of Thieves, Black
  14. Black

    My Theory

    Ha... I have never heard of such a thing lasting for more than 10 minutes. And I am anything but hostile. I am very relaxed although I understand why you may feel that way. It's all relative. The more things change the more they stay the same. The King of Thieves, Black
  15. Black

    My Theory

    Do you believe in the healing power of laughter? Ah... I have scouted a nazi among us. Or at least the equivalent of one. Vominus you believe I am an idiot? You don't even know me. Quite frankly people tend to act totally different when speaking on a computer or in a chat room then they do in real life. That is alright with me however because you simply will be classified "Clone." The fact that you simply tag a name onto me without trying to understand me or my opinions and resort to someone's lyrics to find a form of intellectual language in which to speak to us is somewhat sad. But nevermind that--- Onto Lut... Lut you proved my point for me. It isn't the person that finds the weakness in something. It is what they find the weakness in. Whether it is our constitution, the bible or whatever the fact of the matter is there are loop-holes in which people can exploit. It is human nature to exploit things to their own gain. Maybe the creater of that particular doctrine should stop being so idealistic and come back to earth so he can actually make something that will always serve it's purpose under its established guidelines. It is when people try to stretch one good idea to cover more than it really can cover is when the holes are formed. Yes. My message was twice as long as yours. But at least I do not assume the name of the 'Jesus Christ Incarnate,' ince in fact by doing that you are exploiting his very name. Quite frankly I only said, "What a surprise...Lut running his mouth again," simply because it seemed to me that you were not even thinking about what the_Danachist was trying to say. Thus I said that because only a fool who does not choose his words well runs his mouth whereas someone else with a little thought behind their words speaks. You completely took the apple-down my throat-bad thing out of context. It is NOTHING like the bible. Humans did not create an apple. An apple has no human-error. There are no stories of death or destruction or philosophical ways of thinking in an apple. People simply tag on those things. In the context your speaking it would seem more like: "I could shove the bible (as a physical object) down your throat and suffocate you to death. It doesn't make the bible a bad thing, it makes me a bad person." In that case yeah. People are not willing to die for a book. A bible as a physical object is worthless. Lets print a couple thousand off today and sell them next week. That is how valuable it is. But now, when you take it's symbolism or philosophical viewpoints, people are willing to die for it. I would've hoped anyone with a little cognitive activity could figure that out but apparently not. A real-life work in practice cannot be truly twisted. An idealistic work in practice can be. I am simply practical. That is all. I do not live in your smiley faced politically correct world. If there wasn't a hole to exploit people wouldn't have the opportunity to twist it with their as you said 'word-play.' If the bible is so incredibly flawless, then I ask you, recite something meaningful that is not biased in some way. It's impossible. The fact that anyone takes the entire bible in it's entirity as 'faith' makes me laugh at you. And only a fool would blame me. I ask again, do you believe in the healing power of laughter? Heh... The King of Thieves (Jesus was also refered to as the king of theives... imagine that Lut) Black Fodders, the earth shakes for no single man. And if it were able, Lut would be the last man I'd fear. I don't think I need to go on. Unless you feel inclined once again to defend yourself with your thoughtless comments that waste my time. I don't mind. It's entertainment nonetheless. Yes...Yes... I am an asshole. ;)