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  1. Which one of the AUFERSTEHUNG files are the DOOM2 IWADS? Can someone list them for me? Bob Larkin has requested that I remake AUFERSTEHUNG, and I am it is scheduled for rerelease next year with better graphics.
  2. Yes you didnt hear of the F#$ker cus he said he wants to see how things go for Auferstehung if it would go well, then he can say he helped make it so his gayass idea of a "Serious Sam" TC would have good expectations Seriuos Sam is some gay game that never really got popular except to foreign idiots like him so yea theres ure info
  3. Okay Im part Russian but I dont like the other guy cus he says Communism will return and he calls us Americans,or as he says "Amerykans" are Capitalist pigs he hasnt reallized that the Cold War has ended and AUFERSTEHUNG was supposed to be released 2 years from now dammit! he sent Bob Larkin Auferstehung Through the email I let him borrow I didnt say anything till now cus I thought Auferstehung MIGHT have had a shot incomplete
  4. its the internet WTF do u expect and my stupid Russian friend or thanks to his own actions, he is now a former friend IS responsble for the DOOM2 IWAD incident I was just gonna use FREEDOOM and credit EVERONE but the Russian Punk says he'll take care of it and see what happens if u let former communist Immigrants run things things get screwy and I apologize for having the cover of a special ed person I didnt meant to offend anyone I just didnt know what to do since u all hated Auferstehung I actually didnt play it untill I heard how bad it was from a friend
  5. I know how to use it Im not stupid I just dont like being criticized I tried dividing the mods and deleting the Doom2 Iwads and ONLY having the Freedoom Iwad resources and it all led down to 6 wads I tried fusing them 2 at a time and my computer crashed I tried different combinations of Wads to fuse and it would crash how did u guys do it?
  6. Dude I already have! I know how to edit Dehacked with the GUI process you guys are used to I can edit it with XWE Im VERY good at this kind of stuff And auferstehung COULD have been better if I had time and hadnt let a bloody foreigner get in my way
  7. Well I used WADMERGE and it crashed like crazy I wasted 5 F#%kin hours on it why wont someone just give me the 8megs version? why not just let me try it Im good with applications AND I was just joking about the difficulty IM NOT THAT stupid and I pretended to be retarded so ppl would F#%K off since Retarded Handicaps seem to get "pity" around here so yea Dudes just please give me the 8megs version Id really like to try it and Im asking politely. Right now Im working on my new TC Call of Kthulu based of H.P. Loveless's Call of Cthulu Mythos yes my comphrension level is very high it took me barely less than 1 and a half months to make Auferstehung and An aquantance of mine who was Russian helped make it IM GONNA KICK HIS F#@Kin ass for PUTTING DOOM2 Iwads in there!! So I apologize to the DOOM community for a crappy wad thanks to a Communist Wannabe piece of shit known as my friend I am gonna have a long talk with him about our Captalist ways and I DONT HAVE ASSPERGERS! IM JUST PLAYING AROUND ITS THE INTERNET ICAN PRETEND TO BE WHOEVER I WANT WOW YOU GUYS COULDNT FIGURE THAT OUT!? And this messege is not meant to Offend Russians Im part Russian and know that Communism is not found in Russia and that the USSR broke up but the bastard IM gonna jump tommorow at school(its 12:00 AM) is gonna listen WHEN I SAY "CREDIT THE FREEDOOM FOLKS AND ONLY USE THE FREEDOOM IWAD" I apologize yet again for the idiot's error
  8. I WILL DELETE AUFERSTEHUNG FOR GOOD No its not that I want to play it with the DOOMSDAY engine and it crashes evertime I use AUFERSTEHUNG thats sorta emabarrassing SINCE I MADE IT and yea so I just want to see what AUFERSTEHUNG looks like full 3d and NOT Doom 3d cus the DOOMSDAY engine is FULL 3D heres the link for the beta 1.9 it works fine as long as you dont add Descripter's music to DOOM2: http://www.doomsdayhq.com/
  9. ID LIKE TO PLAY IT FOR MYSELF And I have an upcoming Call of Cthulu TC so yea I gots to learns and COME ON TELL ME I WANT TO PLAY AUFERSTEHUNG FOR MY SELF
  10. Um HOW do I adjust Texture 1 from there? I havent even opened the wadmerge yet, but I wanted to know is it like XWE? or is it harder to use, like the text version of a Dehacked file can you tell me the difficulty, scale of 1-10 10 the hardest? and is it text based, or GUI(image based)
  11. use Opera it has more features
  12. Opera is the best Firefox is okayish
  13. "All your base is belong to us" and right now Im on my meds ahahhahaha...*sigh* doom rocks
  14. thanks its a great help I wanted to try it out 8 megs and now I can thanks again
  15. I need to see what my mistakes were in making Auferstehung and Id like to see HOW I should have made it in the first place so now do ANY of you have the 8 Megs version?