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  1. any resembelance to anyone named Tachae, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    Tachae Williamson was 6 years old, and lived in a small town in South Carolina called Phillipsburg. Tachae's father was a carpender, named Todd. He carved Tachae many wooden toys with her named written in bright red paint on the bottom. Tachae loved her wood toys, and she loved living in the cabin by the beach. One day, Tachae took her pet dog, also named Tachae, on a walk by the beach. Tachae could hear the foghorn of the lighthouse up the cost. Tachae noticed a large bush growing by a pile of driftwood. Tachae fed one of the small, green berries growing on the bush to Tachae. Tachae liked the berries, and so Tachae decided to eat a few too. Soon afterwards, Tachae heard her father, Todd Tachae Williamson, calling for her and Tachae. She rushed home, where her father poured her a bowl of hot tomato soup. Before she could eat it, though, Tachae felt very sick and tired. She waled to bed and quickly fell asleep.

    A dream rused through Tachae's mind. Giant green berries threatened to crush Tachae out of existance. Tachae ran and ran, but the berries caught her and forced their way over her.

    Tachae woke up, alarmed. Her father was at her bedside, with a large bottle of medicine. He poured Tachae a spoonfull, kissed her on the forehead, and went to bed.

    Soon afterward, Tachae went on a walk on the beach again. This time, Tachae found a bottle washed up on the shore. She took it and opened it. A message fell out, and Tachae read it...

    "I cannot apologize enough for the trouble I might have caused you and your family. I think it would be best if we avoided any form of communication from now on. I cannot feel any more guilty for what i have done, and within the lase 36 hours i have concidered killing myself, letting you beat me, denying any involvement, and trying to destroy the evidence. I cannot hide it anymore; it was me. "

    Tachae found the note to be quite distrubing. The writer seamed so sad for something he had accidently done. she coiled the note back up, and threw the bottle back out to sea.

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    2. MissShay


      Dear Pope, although angry and extremely upset about your story and where certain persons party was named, I have to forgive your blunder. You probably did not see the future lying ahead that persons unknown would find your words. You are forgiven but do not let it happen again in the future... need I say more? Freedom of Speech is a great thing..... but it is important to respect privacy.

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    4. Epyo


      Yeah...I don't know what's going on either.