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  1. She's not angry at me anymore, she forgave me over MSN. Thank you

    I hate CSI. The one with the bulimic (sp?) girl who carves up her face left me disturbed. Tonight's episode wasn't bad, lots of femdom :Þ

    Borrowed The Who boxset. It's interesting the small bits in Rael and Little Billy that would eventually become the Tommy over and undertures. Ameneia City In The Sky was my favorite. Pink Floyd-esque. Backward guitars rule.

    all my guitars will be green. the SG on gibson.com with the green teal finish is beautiful.

    Les Pauls have skinny necks at the top, so I don't like that. The SG has a broad neck.

    i want to start listening to Egberto Gismonti.

    La Vita e Bella was on. That's one of my favorite movies. it was the undubbed version, in italian with subtitles.

    There's a Stanly Kubric triple bill happening on Augest 30th. 2001, Shining, and A clockwork Orange!


    PUBLIC NOTICE: I am leaving the doomworld community temporarily starting September 1st. I failed all my core subjects in school this past year, and I link my laziness to my almost-addiction to computer games. I will be putting away my Compaq and refraining from use of IRC and other forums until mid June, 2004. This way I will graduate.

    thanks, all.