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  1. ...Is concidered on of the greatest live albums of all time. Right up there with Frampton Come Alive and Kiss...Alive.

    I haven't listened to the 2 other ones, but Live at Leeds isgreat

    My dad has 4 versions of it.

    Vinyl (not the one with all the fun bootleg stuff)
    First Edition CD (same 6 songs as the vinyl)
    95 Remaster (14 songs)
    97 remaster, this one is a deluxe version with the complete Tommy Live at Leeds concert.

    I assimilated the 95 remaster intyo my collection. It's not like he needs it anymore.

    The Who put out 3 live albums. Live at Leeds, Who's Last, and Join Together. I've listened to JT, the 25th anaversery tour album. It was ok, but it was 80'sish. had too many celebrities. the horn section was a nice touch. Townshend still rocked. The booklet has a picture of John Entwistle wearing a all-grey union jack jacket, with grey hair, and a huge-ass B.C. Rich bass.

    i hear Who's Last sucks. terrible mono recording

    Colin's blog isn't half bad. I should realy stop reading it. It's too personal.

    I saw the guitar i crave a week ago: a Rickenbacker 4080. Geddy Lee has one. It's a doubleneck, half bass, half 6 or 12 string.

    it comes in Black, but i want my guitars in green, damnit

    on Friday i go shopping for BTS clothing. I'm getting some army boots. polishable.