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  1. I went shopping with my parents for back to school clothes last Thursday. Mark's Work Warehouse sells good t-shirts and undergarnments, but when it comes to pants, their dcorprate slogan must be "efficent, not comfortable".

    I bought a realy great pair of blue jeans there when I started grade 11. They were comfortable, loose, and had wide (but not excessive) pantlegs. 6 months later, I went back and got 2 pairs of black jeans. They were, and still are, the worst pants I own. They have narrow little pantlegs that tuck up behind my shoe's toungue. They have rivits in the worst places, especially around the ass. they are too tight, despite the fact that they are 1 size too big. I'm a large gentleman, I don't want no sissy tight pants. >:(

    Before high school, I used to buy my clothes at Stitches, which is a very trendy store that sells "gangsta-style" clothes and tank tops for chicks. My dad would have to awit outside while I shopped, because if anyone saw him in there, I had a feeling I would be banned for life. They had some jeans my a company calle Exco. I still have them today, but they're faded and the knees are blown out. They were extreemly baggy, had deep pockets, and were trendy at the time.
    Except for the fact that shopping at Stitches would normally rack up a huge price tag, the clothes were durable and cool.

    At marks, we got some shorts to replace the ones I blew out, 1 black hoodie, a belt, 2 t-shirts, 2 wifebeaters (turns out they were big, sleveless t-shirts), socks, and the almighty boots.

    These are black, leather boots, size 10 1/2, with black laces, and a very comfortable inside. They are polishable, and have big, thick, black rubber soles that can scuff up a hallway within seconds. They are sort of "army-style", which is what I was looking for. At army surplus, they'd probably be about...oh...$120.

    Mark's were $40

    ooh yeah.

    I just put them on. I feel like kicking some ass and scuffing some halls. They still need to be broken in though. They're also sutible for having slaves kiss :D

    1. fraggle


      Insomniak said:

      "gangsta-style" clothes



    2. Insomniak



      actually, I figgured out why the pants were so tight around the cuffs. They were "boot-cut", not designed for my broken in skater shoes. Now that i have boots, they look good and feel comfortable (except around the ass).

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Jeez, your title should be like "My ass is never comfortable" or something :-P