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  1. Running verrrry low on memory. The only programs I have running right now are Explorer, mIRC, and this browser. It's hard to find memory cards for a 10 year old computer.


    Today is Colin's birthday. I sent him a email with my best wishes, because most e-cards suck. I hope he's doing well. His family found his blog on diaryland.com, so he's abandoned it.

    Picked up an application form for Canadian Tire. If i get the job (highly unlikely), i'll have to wear a uniform that will look unflatering on me. Better than working at wal-mart, though.

    don't you think...could be so small across...we can get it


    Leaving DW will be interesting. Doom has been a crucial element through all of high school for me. I remember that on the first day grade 10, I was jealous of Jesse because he had doom 2 before I did. That was more of a concern to me than anything I could face that day.


    Hasn't called yet. He got in a fight with his mom at least 7 months ago, and he had been away from home for an indefinate ammount of time; I think at least 4 months. Adam (a guy at my school who went to junior high with him) thought this was very weird. He had called me once while he was on the streets, from a phone booth at a C-train station, and explained the situation to me. He had been living with relatives in Invermere for a while, but apparently, he's back. I've phoned him many times, and i've left at least 4 messages, but he's either too traumatized, arrgogant, or depressed to call me, but those don't realy suit him.

    poor Jesse.

    I start school in 2 weeks. I will dismantle my computer and put in the box from whence it came.

    a candle line to re-align, burnt out shadows on the wall, seize the moment...reach!

    it's a bueautiful acoustic Skinny Puppy song. It's easy to play too.