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  1. So anyways, Tachae and I were in the band room last friday, at least that's how I remember it.
    I don't know, I was realy stoned out of my mind. She was telling me about how she was going to hand out
    condoms to kids instead of candy, and tell them to 'fuck off!'. We skipped all our afternoon classes and
    did lines of crack mixed with pixie sticks. She was partial to meth, but our lab almost got discovered
    by the admin's at the beginning of the month. She has my NIN Cd's, but she's using them as a surface to
    cut the cocaine with the razorblade with. As long as she doesn't scratch them, god knows there's enough
    ejaculate on them.

    She told her legal studies teacher to "eat a dick, cocksucker", loud enough to cause most of the teachers
    to stick their damn heads out the hall. The teacher called administration, but by the time they had got
    there, she had left with Jamie to make out with her in the band room. It always amuses me that thr band
    teacher is always complaining that the oboes are out of tune...if only he knew who was blowing them :)

    I heard that she had made out with 3 brown kids at the pool hall, while involving the pool cues AND baLLs,
    but I had missed it. It was so loud that the pizza place a few shops down had to come to the door and
    complain about the noise, but those indian fuckers just joined in anyways. Bastards. I wish I had gone
    to Prject X too, they flashed a few people there, and those guys from Girls Gone Wild were there, looking
    for fresh talent, and before you know it, Tachae had become the new "Miss amatuer fisting Canada", beating
    out the old one (previously held by Jamie) by about 3 fists.

    So anyways, we had done a huge line of meth that night, and Tachae's ass was still sore, so she bitched about
    it all the way to that crackhouse in Forrest Lawn. Those fuckers sure know how to have a good time. They
    had shipped in six leather-clad dominatrixes from Vancouver, kept inside those cages they keep dogs in for
    air travel. There was this one guy who had passed out from all the crack, and he had this huge line stuck
    to his black moustache, so we called him Milk Moustache, but then it got turned into MousTachae because she
    cut his balls off while on acid, then drew on his face with the blood. Then the dominatrixes started whipping
    each other, but they were enjoying it. so they'd lash out in pain, then pleasure. One of them took Tachae into
    a broom closet, and they both came out covered on corn oil and lint, but other than that, VERY happy.

    I woke up with a line of crack right under my nose, and inhaling, became fucked up and smashed the alarm clock
    into a set of dentures. They wern't mine; one of the theath was gold so we ripped them out of some old guy's
    mouth and pulled out the not-gold ones, and forced his mouth open to put the teeth back into his gums.
    We stole a fucking nice Bentley from the lot, and went on a joyride in Banff that night. Banff whore are the
    best, but alot of them have fuckin' STD's from there only being stranded, homeless snowboarders. This never
    seems to bother Tachae, mostly because she's had all of them at one time or another. How she keeps this shit
    from her mom is a fucking mystery.

    Stop reading my web log, Mrs. Matkovcik.

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    2. Insomniak



      thank you for your compliments on the story. It's been a while since I've written anything large like this, but older doomers will remember my old fanfics.

      BTW, this is for my friend's mom, who read my blog and is now convinced that I am evil.

    3. fraggle


      Lines of crack? What?

    4. Xaser


      You know...the text automatically wraps. You don't have to hit Enter after every line.