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  1. First off, I arrived a week late to read the doom 10th anaversery thing, but good work Ling, Quas, etc.

    My arms have become skinny and muscular from playing guitar, teaching myself to play piano, and from removing rusted on bolts from the bottoms of 1979 Nova Rally's (Devon's) and some Volvo (school's) with a ratchet. Still can't fight.

    Ripped alot of CD's to this computer.

    still only have 2 pairs of comfortable pants.

    Colin's blog is better.

    Wrote a manifesto that created alot of responces. Did not anticipate that. Working on a second, chaptered version which will include a breif history on the mediums of recording sound.

    Read the entire Rotten.com library. The only pages that made me depressed/worried was the ones on Scientology and Abortion.


    Listening to the Tommy overture. Fun song to play on guitar.

    still no GF, passing all my classes (barely) I realy need to get away from THIS computer. I may ask my dad to revoke my user privlages in order for me to concentrate on homework

    It's hard. I was born in 1986, and since my dad has a masters degree in Compute Science, i've grown up surrounded by computers, and taken them for granted. Going without them has proved a struggle, and that's why i'm talking to you right now.

    beleive him missing with a number of men,
    Don't expect to see him again.

    The solo that follows this is unique. Townshend is my 3rd favorite Guitar god. First is Mike Oldfeild, Second is Clapton, 4th is Alex Lifeson.

    I have diagnosed myself with schitzophrenia, bi-polar disorder, narcolepsy, and chronic insomnia, but nobody beleives me. :(

    see you later, DW

    PS: your comments are always appreciated.

    1. darknation


      Insomniak said:

      Read the entire Rotten.com library.

      Hallelujah! Another soul saved!

    2. Danarchy


      Aww, I only read 80% or so. :(

      They have a lot of shitty one-line entries.

    3. fraggle


      If you are bipolar and schizophrenic then you actually have schizoaffective disorder