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  1. We all know about Disney's foray into racist and Nazi-esque short animated movies (like those seen here), But perhaps there's something deeper...

    Ripped from the Wikipedia

    "Historically there has not been as much anti-Semitism from Muslim lands as from Christian lands, up until the Twentieth century. While many Jewish people were persecuted in Europe, they enjoyed relative political and religious freedom in Islamic societies. Moorish Spain was controlled by Muslims for approximately 700 years, and during that time, Jewish citizens had rights nearly equal to that of American citizens today. Jewish historians refer to that time period as "The Golden Age of Judaism."

    Jewish people also gained prominence in the courts of Baghdad, Cairo, and Istanbul, performing the duties of palace physicians, finance officers, and even government ministers known as "viziers.' As a minority, Jewish people were exempt from Islamic law (Sharia), and the governments allowed them a degree of self-rule by appointing Jewish leaders to implement Jewish law for their communities. Important synagogues dot the major cities of the Middle east, and relations between Muslims and Jewish people have been relatively calm for over a thousand years. "

    Wow. Remember Jafar, the evil vizier who wanted nothing more than to get the Genie's lamp (a motif of greed) ? I think Disney's doing some serious white supremacy brainwashing.

    I'm onto you, Walt!

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    2. Scuba Steve
    3. AndrewB


      Most of the Looney Tunes PG-rated innuendo is light-hearted enough. Although seeing the Flinstones smoking cigarettes in an ad just makes me cringe. That is creepy and disturbing on about 2 levels.

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Yes, but the early Looney Toons are ladden with racism.

      "Hey Barn, these Winstons taste good like a cigarette should"