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  1. ^^^ Not reccomended. stings, and makes flowing blood minty flesh fresh. I've always had problems with acne & my face in general. The scars have hidden my freckles. (not that I liked them in the first place)

    I'm drinking Biglow "Sweet Dreams" sleep aid tea without any sweeteners. I'm listeing to Bob Dylan - She Belongs to Me (the 1966 "Royal Albert Hall" bootleg edition). I feel angry, yet sophisticated.

    why no replys to my obscure poetry? Reply in this thread/blog .

    Why so many blogs this month? Didn't I leave DW? Yes and No. I like having free blogspace where a familier band of rogues can read them. In the First Three Months (Sept., Oct., Nov.) I wrote blogs on paper. Scans when this DW leave is over. I promise

    I am passing all my classes (barely) and am on winter vacation #1. That's why also.

    I've decided to end all my blogs with two lines from the song i'm listening to. Hold me to it.

    The tea is lukewarm now, and relaxing. I got numb from N______ O____ today, and with 2 cylinders left, i'll save it for the next time I get some w___. I'm going to make some E____.

    I don't wan't to go with my family to visit relatives in Sask. I am in quite a pickle. Grr. I hate my sisters.

    I sit looking 'round, I look at my face in the mirror,
    I know I'm worth nothing
    without you...

    1. Danarchy


      Winter Vacation #1? You mean you get more than one?

    2. Insomniak


      Spring Break in Canada counts as Winter Vacation #2