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  1. My computer addiction is coming back, strongly. I need to do more homework, I have diploma exams coming up

    Wrote an essay as my English 20-2 final exam. topic was " 'Changes' in books we've read". Wrote a 500 word essay, one paragraph on Of Mice And Men, one on Island, and one on that Robert Frost poem about the paths and the trees. Will probably pass due to my usage of large words.

    Will meet C____ for coffee on the 24th. I look forward to it.

    I got hosting from burningsouls.com 's Jay DeBard. Observe how easy it was:

    It's just that easy. Now i don't have to ask Ling for Fredrik's old DW space.


    I neglected to mention I got a olive green polyester fleece blanket from my grandma for christmas. It's warm and soft and cozy, but it's staticy.

    Almost bout Ziggy Stardust on a whim. I need to ask Fraggle if it's worth getting.

    added some strap-ons to mIRC. Thanks Slayer

    LOTR this Wends. I promise.