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  1. Read the story, then take the fucking poll:

    First off, I won that fight. It doesn't matter what anybody says, I won that damn fight.

    Secondly, Preston had it coming to him.

    I was in an arguement with Preston in the school library one morning. I told Preston that I would fight him that day, during lunch break, behind the community centre across the feild, one on one. Chris and Derek were at the same table that Preston and I were. Chris was a loud blabermouth, and half the school wound up hearing about it before lunch. I was walking with my as-of-then posse,the football players I ate lunch with. Terry, Samuel, 2 other guys whose names I can't remember. A short Irish one and a stocky Chinese kid. Terry and Samuel had been in ECS and Grade 2 with me, and I had gone to a different school for grades 3 through 7, and when I went to the Junior High in grade 8 after moving, there they were.

    Anyways, where was I. We were walking across the feild towards the community centre and some guy I knew ran from an angle and tackled me. I got up and kept walking. When I got there, a large mob had formed to watch us fight. They formed a circle around us, and I went off. It started as a fistfight, but soon went into grappling and punching.

    After about 3 to 5 minuites of this, I hit Preston realy fucking hard right in the nose. He put his hands over his face and backed into the mob. Terry raised my arm in the air and declared me winner. At the same time, some asshole shoved a slice of greasy pizza on my head, getting tomato sauce in my hair and on my white t-shirt, which was already grass stained.

    I was then walking back towards the school, when everyone was starting to get pissed. I was quite unpopular in junior high, and various immature rumours about my sexual prefrence, intercourse with family members,and the shape of my hairstyle in comparison to the head of a penis were floating about (I had a soupbowl haircut when I started at that school). So this mob hated me, and even worse, they hated the fact that I had beat up the little shit.

    You know you're unpopular when people beat you up for winning a fight.

    People came at me with planks of wood and their fists. I remember kneeling next to the hockey rink and having people beat my back with their fists. Soon, the lunchbell rang, and about 50 people started back towards the school. I was being helped along by Terry and Sam, who congratulated me on putting up with that shit.

    I felt good but in pain.

    I was "suspended in school" for 3 days, meaning me and Preston were forced to come to school for 3 days, but spend each day in a room with those desks with those big siding things that prevent you from looking at the desk next to you. the room was called The Conservatory. You got sent there if you were in shit.

    I won that fight, goddamnit.

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    2. Coopersville


      I don't consider a fight won unless you can walk out, and not be hurtin'

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Anders said:
      At the same time you decide physical violence is the way to go, you loose.

      I think we all have learned a valuable lesson here...

    4. rf`


      Ct_red_pants said:
      Anders said:

      At the same time you decide physical violence is the way to go, you loose.

      I think we all have learned a valuable lesson here...

      Yes. Anders can't use spell for shit. :)