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  1. Is it just me, or are all bass guitarists total jerks?

    Morgan: the bass player in the school band one year ahead of me. Bit of a jerk. Never once said a word to me. Only time he ever smiled at me was when I bought the school new bas guitar strings out of my own pocket.

    Chas Barker: driving teacher that got under my nerves. Realy, realy got under my nerves and ruined my ability to drive due to his neverending commenting in my right ear. Positivly the worst human being I have ever met. Claimed to play bass guitar. If I ever see him in public, i'm gonna tell him that he sucks at it.

    Matt: the new bass player for the school band. One year behind me. Likes stepping on my polished boots, being arogant, and flirting/heavy petting with the teacher's daughter. I'll make him play Magic Bus.

    John Entwistle: the serious member of The Who. died the ultimate rock & roll death, tho.

    Roger Waters: Was the reason Pink Floyd broke up. Arogant bastard.

    Les Claypool: I dunno

    BTW I want a 8 string guitar tuned to


    1. Insomniak


      not all of the above is true. Morgan's a nice guy, Matt can be okey.

      Chas Barker is still a total jerk.

    2. fraggle