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  1. My highest score on MS pinball is 7,040,250.

    On to real news:
    New semester

    Science 24: they/I can't find my old Social Studies textbook, and as a result, the school librairy won't let me take out the science textbook I need. I'm failing this class in the first 5 days. Also, my teacher's last name is Element. I'm serious.

    Psychology 20: My teacher is insane. She wore a haircut today that look like had an ugly mop placed on her head. she's insane, too, and her voice starts cracking & she becomes irrational when someone questions her. The dumb chess club kid who loves the mormon girl kept questioning her.

    Math 24: My class is too easy. He does a quick lesson, then a assignment that takes (in theory) just enough time, then he gives us a test on the stuff we learned. I usually don't get the assignment done until I get the test done. I can't pronounce the teasher's name. There is no homework in this class.

    English 33: the easyist (sp?) grade 12 level english class is filled with dumb kids like that dumb, womanizing jock Nick. Also, cocaine & ecstacy addicts like Shawn, and dumb, overtanned, horsefaced whores (Nick's GF). I now sit on the other side of the classroom where few people know me, and they think i'm cool. Not realy.

    (yes, i know, my spelling and grammer have fallen apart. It's late.)

    "What ever happened to falling in love with a nigger with a bus pass?" - Eddie Griffin, taken from "Ed-ucation" Track 16 of Dr.DRE's "Chronic 2001", the only rap album I own.

    I have a February bus pass...

    (EDIT: the quote above does not mean i'm a racist. I am a tolerant and diverse individual.)

    1. Ichor


      Does this mean there won't be anymore blogs?

    2. Silverwyvern


      No.. I'm pretty sure there will be other blogs.. they'll just be ended by this one.